NWCLUG @ TECH Night 8/27 help please

Monday, June 9, 2008 7:43 PM
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Hi all,

We have been invited to be at TECH Night again.  The next one is on Wed, 8/27/08 from  ~6p-8p at HPC.  All are welcome to visit that night.
I'm looking for a couple(few) people to help me out w/ promoting NWCLUG and Linux.  This would entail any of the following: handing out cards, flyer,
showing/talking about NWCLUG and linux. If you could bring a machine(laptop preferably...smallness) w/ linux on it that would be great and very
helpful.  You will need to be there a bit earlier for setup and early students and possibly stay a bit longer for take down and for those that
stay a bit later.

They are changing their format a bit and it was asked if we would want to put on a demo/workshop before or after.  I'm thinking we might want to
try to do something after, so starting around 7:45p.  I'm thinking it would last anywhere from 35min to 1.5hrs w/ Q and A.  Is anyone interested
in helping w/ this and what we should do?  I'm thinking intro/newbie stuff to Linux.  I would think this would be more of the audience that will
be there.

Please let us know if you can help out and how.