Subject: 20% off at Barnes & Noble
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:31:59 -0800
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Hello from Apress!
We have a special title on sale from November 3, 2003 to December 31,
2003 at all Barnes and Noble stores:

20% OFF at Barnes and Noble!
Automating UNIX and Linux Administration 
By Kirk Bauer 
Published: September 2003 
ISBN: 1-59059-212-3 
600 pp. 
Price: $49.99 
To preview the book you can read a sample chapter, view the table of
contents, and check out the index online at 

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Review from
Automating Unix and Linux Administration by Kirk Bauer
Posted by timothy on Thursday October 09, @11:05AM
"If you are disciple in the church of Wall, or like me you believe that
laziness is the father of invention, or if you simply have more than a
couple *nix machine to administer, Kirk Bauer's new book Automating 
and Linux Administration is definitely for you. From the creator of the
popular open source projects AutoRpm and LogWatch comes a thorough - 
believe it or not entertaining - look at how one can leverage the power
of a few common tools to significantly reduce the time and effort 
administrators spend doing their jobs." Read on below for the rest of
nead's review.
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