Subject: Chicago Computer Guide This Week
Chicago Computer Guide This Week
For September 15-21, 2001

I.    This Week's Calendar of Events
II.   Dot biz and Dot info - The Update
III.  Department of Labor Issues R.I.R. Conversion Rules
IV.  The Phone Screen 2001
V.   Chicago Computer Company News
VI.  Chicago Computer Dealers

==============Special Event=====================
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2001
Event Sponsor: Geneer
Event Name/Topic: "Developers' Tips & Secrets for 
Motient's Terrestrial Network and Motorola's DataTAC 
Event Type: Midwest Wireless Application Developers SIG.
Time: 6 to 8:30 PM
Speakers: Rod Massie, Director of Systems Development 
for Motient
Location: O'Hare Marriott, 8535 W. Higgins Road,
Chicago, Illinois
Price: Free with complimentary food and beverages
RSVP: Register at:
Contact email:
Contact Phone: 847-294-0300

Additional information:

Geneer is pleased to announce the creation our Midwest 
Wireless Application Developers Special Interest Group (SIG).  
Developed for technical professionals by technical professionals, 
this new, non-commercial SIG is designed to promote discussion 
of wireless developer tips and tools and provides the opportunity 
to network and learn.

We cordially invite you to the first meeting of the Midwest 
Wireless Application Developers SIG. Our Guest Presenter is 
Motient Corporation (, provider of eLinkSM 
and BlackBerry by Motient wireless email services:

Guest Speaker: Rod Massie, Director of Systems Development 
for Motient Topic: Developers' Tips & Secrets for Motient's 
Terrestrial Network and Motorola's DataTAC Technology

The Motient network currently reaches over 220 million people 
and enables two-way wireless data communications to a variety 
of devices and numerous business segments. This presentation 
provides a detailed look into the intricacies of the network and 
vital information for developing compatible applications. Topics 
covered by Rod in this meeting include:

∑    Motient Network Technology
∑    Wireless Data System Architecture
∑    Implementation and Connectivity Options
∑    SCR Vs. Binary SCR
∑    Host Routing and Message Flows

To register, visit and look for the 
wireless SIG icon.

I. This Week's Chicago Computer Events**:

Event: MobileEXPO with Illinois Technology**
Showcase & ProjectWorld 
Date: September 11-13, 2001 
Location: Lakeside Center at McCormick Place, 
Chicago, IL 
Information: Contact Paige Miller at (415) 641-2450 
or email at
If you are a CIO, CTO or Project Manager planning to 
buy, implement or develop a mobile and wireless solution, 
MobileEXPO is the place to shape your mobile future! 
MobileEXPO brings together the top mobile and wireless 
companies to showcase their products and services. Plus, 
experts deliver practical approaches and information through 
in-depth tutorials and breakout sessions spanning three 
intensive tracks over two days.

Event: Illinois Technology Showcase (ITEC)
Date:  September 12-13, 2001
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Place:  McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Dr., 
Chicago, Il.
Information: Go to or contact Thaddeus 
Woosley at
North America's fastest-growing exhibition and conference 
returns to Chicago! The Illinois Technology Showcase is the 
region's most collaborative IT event that serves as a forum for 
Corporate, Education and Government leaders to facilitate 
discussion, education and evaluation of IT solutions and their 
impact on the region's marketplace.

Event: Midwest Oracle Users' Group Fall Conference
Date:  September 17-18, 2001
Place: University of Illinois-Chicago Illini Union, 
828 S. Wolcott Ave., Chicago
Time: 1-5pm (17th); 8:00am - 4:30pm (18th)
Information: To register, email Barb Dully at 
or call her at 630/960-2909, ext. 1047. Cost for the two days 
is $75 for MOUG members, $95 for others. Companies who 
register three or more attendees will receive an additional 
$10 discount per person.

**Courtesy of


II. Dot biz and Dot info - The Update
    By Larry M. Zanger and Elayna Pham, 2001, 
    all rights reserved.

Last month, I presented an overview of the implementation 
of the first two of seven new top-level domain names 
that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and 
Numbers (ICANN) approved last fall. Click here,, to read
the latest update.

III. Department of Labor Issues R.I.R. Conversion Rules
     By Elizabeth Mallor Walder

On August 3, 2001, the Department of Labor (DOL) amended 
its current regulations concerning the permanent employment 
of aliens in the United States. 
Click here,
for the latest Immigration legislation.

IV. The Phone Screen 2001
By Steve Riess

I canít help it, Iím still insulted when a human resources or 
company recruiter at a client asks me if they can phone 
screen my candidate before they decide to interview in 
Read more about the phone screening process at

V. Chicago Computer Company News

Terra Nova to Continue Business as Usual, Despite WTC Disaster 
CHICAGO, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C. 
has a crucial trade clearance relationship with Instinet Clearing 
Services, which was located on the 13th floor of the World Trade 
Center's North Tower.  This tower was one of three buildings leveled 
Tuesday by what is believed to be terrorists' acts.  Karla McKenzie, 
Instinet Clearing Services' Vice President of Client Relations was 
reached by phone after evacuating the building and said, "First, 
and foremost, all of our people escaped unharmed. Beyond that, 
our operations will not be affected by this tragedy. 
We have a large facility in Times Square, and another in Jersey 
City, New Jersey.  Both are permanent facilities, fully staffed, and 
remain so. 
Our Jersey City facility houses our primary telecommunications and 
technology centers, so services, for the most part, will be unchanged."
Chris Doubek, Terra Nova's president noted, "Although no one could 
have foreseen a disaster of this magnitude, it's comforting to know 
the infrastructure put into place for comparatively smaller emergencies 
works well".
Terra Nova Trading will remain open, regardless of the status of the


dotPhoto, Inc. Hosts Free Photo Gallery To Help Identify Missing 
Persons In New York and Washington, DC Casualty Sites

EWING, NJ -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 09/13/2001 -- In an effort to 
assist those with loved ones that are missing during times of intense 
recovery and rescue activities in New York City and Washington D.C., 
dotPhoto, Inc., a leading online photo-sharing and digital photography
Internet resource, is hosting still photos of victims of missing 
on at no cost. 
Among those still missing family members, there are unanswered 
questions and disappearing hopes. Thousands more people are 
expected to be located as the search and rescue mission continues.
"We hope that our service may allow a photo to speak for people 
who can not speak for themselves. An online database may also 
help individuals outside of New York and Washington D.C. 
contribute information to searchers and medical professionals in 
those cities," says Glenn Paul, co-founder and CEO of 
dotPhoto, Inc. 
dotPhoto is encouraging those with photos of missing persons 
to upload them through the main dotPhoto Web page at 
dotPhoto's has enabled a search button for "missing person" that 
will find any photo that includes the phrase "missing person" in the 
caption or photo description. Users can also add voice files and 
detailed biographical information at their option. 
This will assist officials in identifying survivors and casualties of 
attack sites. 
To satisfy family needs for multiple copies of the uploaded photo, 
family members are encouraged to print copies of the photo on their 
computer printers from the dotPhoto page. Other web sites can also 
link to photo management pages at dotPhoto. 
"The Internet continues to emerge as the most efficient medium for 
image and information exchange. To that end, we hope that dotPhoto 
can help unite people faster with their loved ones ," continues Paul.
"Many phone numbers in New York are overwhelmed; perhaps our tool 
can be a better clearing house for this kind of information." 
For those looking for information on people still missing, police and 
hospital officials have provided an emergency phone number to call 


Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. to Resume Trading In U.S. 
Equity Index Products When U.S.Securities Markets Resume 
Trading, Scheduled for Monday, Sept. 17 

CHICAGO, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago Mercantile Exchange 
Inc. today announced that it expects to resume open outcry and 
electronic trading of its U.S. equity index products on Monday, 
Sept. 17, coinciding with the expected date that the U.S. securities 
markets will re-open.  The decision to resume trading was coordinated 
with other U.S. financial markets and regulatory agencies.
Tomorrow, CME will close open outcry trading of its interest rate 
products at 1 p.m. CST, rather than the usual 2 p.m. closing.  The 
special early closing time is in response to customer input following 
the unusual circumstances this week.  Open outcry trading of CME 
foreign exchange products will close at its usual 2 p.m. time.  
GLOBEX 2 electronic trading of interest rate and foreign exchange 
products will continue until 4 p.m. tomorrow and will open 
on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. CST, following their normal schedule.
Trading went smoothly today, exchange officials reported.  While final 
volume figures will not be available until tomorrow, estimated CME 
volume today was nearly 2.5 million contracts.  For Sept. 1 through 
10, average daily volume was nearly 2.7 million contracts at CME.   
daily volume year-to-date through August was about 1.5 million 
Trading in all CME markets was suspended at 9:15 a.m. CST on Tuesday. 
Other than CME's U.S. equity index products, floor trading in CME 
resumed at their normal times on Thursday, Sept. 13.  Electronic 
trading on 
CME's GLOBEX2 system re-opened at the same time on Thursday as the 
open outcry trading.
Trading of the Nikkei 225 futures and options contracts also re-opened 
Sept. 13 to accommodate the last trading day of the expiring September 
contract.  CME officials said that after today's close, the Nikkei 225 
contracts will resume trading when CME's U.S. equity index contracts 
CME Clearing House has conducted normal business operations this 
week. All pay and collect activities have been confirmed in a timely 
manner by the settlement banks.  Of CME's more than $30 billion in 
performance bond deposits, more than 12 percent is excess collateral.


VI. Chicago Computer Dealers

Click here at for our list 
of computer dealers and some of the lowest prices in town!

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