Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 13:41:41
Subject: Additional VMware Assistance

Dear Mike,

We hope you are enjoying your VMware Workstation.  

We wanted to let you know that as part of the VMware LUG Program, you 
are also entitled to additional personalized assistance in communicating 
the benefits of your VMware software usage to your LUG.   

Many of our LUG Presidents are finding that their members are very 
interested in discussing VMware software at their LUG meetings. At your request 
VMware will send a team to your LUG meeting that can teach your 
members about VMware software in a variety of environments, give a live 
demonstration, and answer any technical questions your team may have 
about the products.  

You choose the topic, for example:

Streamlining Software development, testing, and deployment 

*	Creating multiple development and testing environments on a single 
*	Building mission-critical Linux-based applications 
*	Archiving test environments on file servers and restore them quickly

Ensuring Application compatibility and operating system migration
*	Supporting legacy applications while migrating safely to a new 
	operating system 
*	Testing new operating systems in secure, clean virtual machines prior 
	to deployment 
*	Eliminating the need to port legacy applications

Partitioning and Consolidating Server Systems
*	Continuously consolidate workloads
*	Instant provisioning 
*	Zero-downtime maintenance 
*	Scaling hardware and software infrastructure.
*	Streamlining testing and deployment.
*	Delivering high availability and guarantee service levels

Please poll your LUG to find out if your group is interested in 
learning about VMware software.  If you are interested in having VMware 
speak at your LUG meeting, 

As an added bonus, VMware will bring 5 free copies of Workstation to 
your meeting to give to your members, so set up your meeting today!

Best Regards,
The VMware Team

VMware, Inc.
3145 Porter Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Please email mikie: w/ your choice of topic.