Subject: Chicago Computer Guide This Week
Chicago Computer Guide This Week
For February March 6 - 13, 2002

I.    This Week's Calendar of Events
II.   FullAudio Cranks It Up In Chicago
III.  Assessing The Gift: African-Americans and the Digital Divide
IV.   iPhoto
V.   Chicago Computer Company News
VI.  Chicago Computer Dealers


MAC University, Digital Bootcamp and the HomeRoom Project
invite you to our monthly open house and student mixer.

Meet some of our top instructors in Digital Video, Director 3D,
ColdFusion, Photoshop and Flash/Actionscript.

Then, the party starts at 8PM  with refreshments, great food
and "The Silk and the Plastic" playing live. Admission is free,
but RSVP Required
See Web site for address/directions


I. This Week's Chicago Computer Events

Event:  Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) 
Chapter Meeting
Date:    Friday March 8, 2002.
Time:    7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. 
Format: Buffet Breakfast and Presentation 
Location:  Clarion Barcelo Hotel, 5615 N. Cumberland Avenue, 
Cost:  Advance Registration  Prior to Program: $30 for IMC Members,  
$40 for Non-Member (Guests with members are charged the member 
rate).  At Door (without Advance Registration), add $10 to above 
The breakfast meeting will feature Merit Gest, Vice President of 
Total Selling Solutions, Inc., a Northbrook, Illinois based authorized 
licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute, a national sales training 
organization.  Total Selling Solutions, Inc., specializes in business 
development strategies, sales productivity training and executive 

Event: Gartner: It's 2002. Are you ready to get unplugged?**
Date:  March 11-13 
Place: Sheraton Chicago, 301 East North Water Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Information: Call 800 778 1997 or visit 
Whether developing a mobile strategy, building a wireless 
infrastructure or expanding your current wireless capabilities, learn 
how to:
        · Evaluate, select and manage wireless products, 
          services and suppliers
        · Separate the hype from what's real
        · Successfully cope with security and privacy issues
        · Leverage wireless and mobile technologies to enhance 
          customer relationship management (CRM) and streamline 
          supply chain management (SCM)
        · Blend mobile and wireless applications and services with 
          legacy systems
        · Lower costs and raise ROI ...and much more

Event: Super Computer Show and Sale
Date: March 15-17, 2002
Time: Friday 12:00 - 9:00pm; Saturday 10:00 - 7:00pm; Sunday 
Place: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 
5555 North River Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018
Returning to Rosemont The Super Computer Sale is comprised of 
30 to 80 local and national computer dealers, wholesalers, 
distributors and retailers. They will be selling up to 10 million 
of the brands you like: Dell, Compaq, Gateway, IBM and many 
more. The selection is unheard of and the prices are up to 80% 

** Courtesy of


II. FullAudio Cranks It Up In Chicago
By Michael Cloutier

Would you like to listen to personalized selections of music 
when and wherever you want, chosen from hundreds of 
thousands of music files, not just culled via Napster from 
some kid's computer in Antioch?
Click here for more:

III. Assessing The Gift: African-Americans and the Digital Divide
By O.A. Fraser
The so-called digital divide has inspired two great ventures
targeted at students from kindergarten through the twelfth 
grade. These are, the idea of a computer in every classroom, 
and the goal of Internet access for every American school.
For more go to,

IV.  iPhoto
By John Christopherson and Steve Burke

Digital cameras are revolutionizing the way we take pictures. 
Now, Apple provides the missing link to the way we save, 
organize, share and enjoy them. for more.


V. Chicago Computer Company News


    EVANSTON, IL -- The Internet Coach Digital Photo Activity
Kit, Deluxe Edition combines easy-to-use digital photo 
technology with exciting and practical classroom computing 
Students will be able to use their own photos with a variety of 
writing exercises to create unique newsletters, book reports, 
picture frames, stickers, and lots more. The Digital Photo Activity 
Kit--Deluxe Edition includes a teachers book, a digital camera, 
and two CD-ROMs. (A version of the program without the 
camera is also available.)
    This versatile digital photo program is unique in the educational
market: it was designed by teachers, for teachers. But it’s not 
limited to the schoolroom; parents will find the ease of use and 
engaging projects ideal for family time as well. Simplifying common 
photo manipulation tools found in commercial graphic arts programs, 
the Photo Activity Kit empowers users young and old to creatively 
explore their visual and writing skills. There are 50 templates in the 
program’s seven activity centers that make it a breeze to integrate 
photos, clip art, and web images into children’s creations. Educators 
and parents can turn their classrooms and homes into a kid-friendly 
publishing house.
    Internet Coach Digital Photo Activity Kit project centers include:
-- Writing Center: create newsletters, stationary, book reports,
journals, and more.
-- Movie Maker: direct, edit, and choose sound for your personal 
movie based on your own photos.
-- Travel Center: make your own passport, travel journal, stamps, 
and personalized postcards.
-- Special Events: celebrate any event with greeting cards, gift 
boxes, posters, and certificates.
-- Craft Corner: create picture frames, calendars, and stickers 
using your own images.
-- Picture Games: incorporate your pictures into five challenging 
photo games.
    The Digital Photo Activity Kit will help strengthen children’s 
writing abilities, develop spatial relationship skills, and promote 
essential technology literacy. The program conforms to National 
Curriculum standards, and the instructive teacher’s guide is loaded 
with camera projects and writing activities that both teachers and 
parents will find helpful. The digital camera included in the Deluxe 
Edition is very easy to use, stores up to 80 images, and comes with 
the appropriate software to transfer photos to your computer. In a 
matter of minutes, your home or classroom becomes a one-stop 
publishing shop!

The Internet Coach® Digital Photo Activity Kit, Deluxe Edition 
is $99.95.

The standard version, without camera, is $64.95.

Please contact Mike Harris for review copies.


    CHICAGO, Illinois -- The Mobility Concepts unit of Active 
Link Communications (OTC-ACVE), a leading provider of 
mobile computing solutions to Fortune 2000 companies,has 
announced it will be a key presenter at the 7th annual 
International Conference on Wearable Computing (ICWC) at 
COMDEX Chicago 2002.
    Jack Loane, Director of Marketing at Mobility Concepts, 
will be a panel participant along with representatives from IBM 
and Hilton Hotels in the Travel and Leisure Forum.  The forum 
will be held on Thursday, March 7, 2:45-3:30 p.m. in the Vista 
Ballroom at the McCormick Place conference facility, 2301 S. 
Lake Shore Drive.  
    Attendees will hear from the panel of experts about the 
business impact of mobile and wearable computing on the hotel 
and restaurant industries, including a discussion on achieving 
shorter lines and improving customer satisfaction through the 
implementation of wearable solutions.
    Other highlights of the conference include the impact of wearable 
computing on the economy and homeland security.  ICWC is being 
held this year as a full conference program incorporated into the 
COMDEX Chicago trade show March 5-7 in Chicago, Ill.  Among 
the featured events at ICWC, the Honorable James S. Gilmore III, 
former Governor of Virginia and chairman of the President's Advisory 
Panel to Assess the Capabilities for Domestic Response to Terrorism, 
will lead a discussion on technology's impact on homeland security 
and its role in reviving U.S. and global economies.
    To schedule wearable computer demonstrations and face-to-face 
interviews with Mobility Concepts and/or Xybernaut representatives, 
please contact Jack Loane at 630-955-9755,; or Michael Binko at 703-654-3637,, or stop by Xybernaut's ICWC Booth #836. 
    For a limited time, Xybernaut and COMDEX Chicago are offering 
free registration for ICWC.  You can register online at or, click on the ICWC 
icon and enter the following codes: Coupon Code: 578; Priority Code: 
Registration can also be completed via telephone by calling 
using the same coupon and priority codes. Additional information and a 
more comprehensive agenda can also be found on the Web sites.


EDS Aviation Industry Leader Challenges Airport and 
Airlines to Look Beyond 'Guards, Gates, Bombs and 
Bullets' in Addressing Security

    CHICAGO, IL /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- COMDEX 
Chicago -- EDS' top aviation industry executive today called 
on airports and airlines to look beyond "guards, gates, bombs 
and bullets" as ways to address security issues and instead 
focus on longer-term, information technology-driven solutions.
    "Unfortunately, airline security enhancements thus far have 
addressed the symptoms rather than the underlying problems," 
said Jim Dullum, president of EDS' Global Transportation Industry 
Group.  "The reasons for this are understandable, but it's time 
now to take aviation security to the next level.  Intelligent systems, 
which identify, authenticate and assess passengers before they 
board the plane, are needed to bolster the current focus on guards, 
gates, bombs and bullets."
    Dullum delivered his remarks today during a speech at the 
International Biometrics and Security Summit at COMDEX 
Chicago. The show opened Tuesday and continues through 
March 7.
    Security enhancements since September 11, Dullum said, 
have focused primarily on detecting illegal or threatening 
materials before they get onto aircraft.  While these measures 
are appropriate, he said, reliance on materials detection is 
"insufficient" over time because it does not create redundant 
systems less likely to fail.
  "We must detect threatening people as well as threatening 
materials.  This means focusing on travelers' identification and 
authentication from check-in through boarding, with risk 
assessment starting when the flight reservation is made," 
Dullum said.  "These measures complement the detection 
solutions already in place."
    Dullum cited a new suite of advanced transportation security 
offerings -- the National Integrated Security Suite -- announced 
at COMDEX Chicago on Tuesday as a solution.  Launched by 
EDS, PwC Consulting, Sun Microsystems and Oracle, the suite
combines biometric and risk assessment technologies ready
for implementation separately, or assembled into a single 
end-to-end solution. The fingerprint biometric technology used 
in the suite is provided by Identix, Inc.
    The suite builds on a fully functional biometric airport security 
system developed by EDS and deployed at Israel's Ben Gurion 
Airport since 1998.  To date, the system has processed 
approximately 1.5 million passengers.
     Specifically, Known Traveler and Secure Employee are the 
first transportation security offerings developed through the 
collaboration between EDS, PwC Consulting, Sun and Oracle.  
Known Traveler is a voluntary passenger registration program 
that enables government security agencies to establish identity 
and assess the security risk for registered travelers, thereby
facilitating their movement into and through security checkpoint 
     Secure Employee is an employee registration and 
authentication program designed to work with existing employee 
information to identify and assess security risk.
  "The technologies to implement, integrate and operate the 
necessary systems and networks are available today.  EDS and 
its partners are bringing these solutions forward," Dullum said.  
"The databases for risk profiling, identification and authentication 
already exist, and they can be readily integrated.
   "The goal of aviation security is to know who is on the plane, 
know that they are not a threat and know that they are not carrying 
anything harmful," he said.  "The next-generation approach, 
combining the intelligent evaluation of passengers with enhanced 
physical detection, would address the core problems and not just 
the symptoms."


VI. Chicago Computer Dealers

Click here at for our list 
of computer dealers and some of the lowest prices in town!

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