Subject: Chicago Computer Guide This Week
Chicago Computer Guide This Week
For December 14 - December 21, 2001

I.    This Week's Calendar of Events
II.   2001 Illinois High Tech Awards
III.  Finding Security in Biometrics
IV.   Colleges Partner With I/Tech
V.    Chicago Computer Company News
VI.   Chicago Computer Dealers


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I. This Week's Chicago Computer Events

Event: CACHE Meeting
Date: December 16, 2001
Place: The Levy Senior Center, 2019 W. Lawrence Ave., 
Chicago, IL 
Time: 9:00am
Information: Call 800-797-5465 or go to 
Chicago's first computer user group, founded in 1975. Our member 
systems are predominantly IBM compatibles and are used at home 
and business settings. We range from novice to expert and from 
amateur to professional.

Event: Giant Computer Show and Sale
Date: December 16, 2001
Place: Tinley Park Conventions Center, I-80 & Harlem Ave., 
Tinley Park
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Information: Call the hotline at 708-974-3123 or go to
Dealers from throughout the Midwest converge to offer bargains 
on most computers and peripherals.

Event: MIT Enterprise Forum Second Annual Illinois Technology 
Date: December 17, 2001
Time: 5:00 - 8:00pm
Place: Loyola University Chicago, 25 East Pearson, Kasbeer Hall, 
Chicago IL 
Information: Go to or call Mona Pearl 
at 312-642-4647 or email: 
Speakers include Katherine Gehl, Special Assistant to the Mayor 
for Technology; Shaye Mandle, President, Illinois Coalition, Pam 
McDonough- Director, Department of Commerce and Community 
Affairs. Executives talk about their plans for the future and important 
developments affecting our technology enterprises. Network with 
entrepreneurs and the people who are shaping the State of Illinoisí 
economy. Learn about the forecast for funding, and new projects to 
promote technology development. Enjoy a holiday get-together. Feel 
free to promote and display your company materials (limited to 40 
brochures each). Give us your feedback on what programs you would 
like to see us present for 2002.

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A "Blended" Education Series Gives Executives Competitive Advantages

Just a few months ago, it was commonplace for corporations to enroll 
their executives in advanced management programs at high-ranking 
business schools. These prestigious programs not only inspire great
leadership and networking opportunities, they provide executive resumes 
the well sought-after stamp of excellence, which often comes at a cost 
excess of $50,000. But recent economic challenges and the pressure to 
back, have made heavy investment in expensive executive education 
programs impractical for many companies.
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II. 2001 Illinois High Tech Awards

KPMG LLP, the professional services firm, has once again 
recognized four local companies for their significant contributions 
to the advancement of high technology in Illinois at the 18th 
annual Illinois High Tech Awards. This year's winners and finalists
were honored at a dinner ceremony on Nov. 19, at the Ritz-Carlton 
Hotel in Chicago. Read about the winners at

III. Finding Security in Biometrics
By Michael Cloutier

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 Americans have developed a 
heightened awareness of security issues that previously few ever
thought about. Now we are frequently shocked by examples of 
security breaches at airports that seem to be absolutely
ludicrous considering the now clear and present danger of 
terrorism in America.
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IV. The City Colleges of Chicago along with the College of 
DuPage (COD) in Wheaton are providing cutting edge computer
training, thanks to a partnership with Maryland-based I/Tech.
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V. Chicago Computer Company News

Internet And Technology Use In Corporate Litigation Growing 
Rapidly, Latest Corporate Legal Times Survey Shows

   CHICAGO, IL-- The Dot Com bubble may have burst, but use 
of Internet and related technologies continues to grow by leaps 
and bounds, according to the Corporate Legal Times-Foley & 
Lardner Second Annual Survey Of Chief Litigators at U.S.
    According to the survey, which will be published in the December 
issue of Corporate Legal Times, in-house legal departmentsí use of 
extranets and intranet online data storage in litigation jumped from 
73.8%, from 57.4% a year ago. Multimedia presentations are now 
used by 85.2% of corporate law departments surveyed -- up from 
63.2% last year. 
    These numbers represent a continuation of the trend toward 
higher levels of technology use in corporate legal practices that 
Corporate Legal Times has documented for several years. 
    The Corporate Legal Times-Foley & Lardner Second Annual Survey 
Of Chief Litigators was conducted in August and September of this 
year, and queried the head of litigation at the top 200 law 
across the nation. The survey had a response rate of 43.5%, with a 
margin of error of +/- 8%. 
    Despite the general gloom surrounding the recent tech implosion, 
the study indicates that the Internet is becoming an essential 
component of corporate litigation as legal departments continue
to add technological capabilities. 
    The survey results will appear in the December issue of Corporate 
Legal Times. A complete copy of the results and interviews with 
selected respondents are available by contacting Matt Kramer at
(212) 683-8100, ext. 239. 


Donít Let CYBER Scrooges Steal Your Credit Card This Holiday 

    Problem: Holiday Season Credit Card Fraud 

    Solution: Knowing You Are The Person Actually Using Your Credit 

    CHICAGO, IL -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- Problem: Online credit card 
fraud is estimated to cost as much as $24 million per day in bogus 
charges, totaling nearly $9 billion in 2001, according to Meridien 
    - Online credit card fraud rates are about three or four times that 
of overall consumer commerce, according Jupiter Media Metrix (2001) 
    - PINS and Passwords alone are not enough to protect consumer 
credit - often a victimís credit information is used to obtain NEW 
When a fraudster uses a NEW card, neither the victim nor the banks 
suspect they are fraudulent until itís too late. 

    Solution: To combat the problem of credit card fraud and protect 
consumers this holiday season, Authentify, a Chicago-based Internet 
security provider, is speaking out on ways for businesses to apply 
simple, real-time authentication techniques to determine who is really 
behind an Internet purchase. 

    Authentifyís automated authentication solutions enable 
to perform real-time, two-factor user authentication during an Internet 
session via a standard Web browser and telephone line. During an 
Internet session, Authentify|Register places an automated, outbound
telephone call to the user. Once connected, Authentify synchronizes 
the phone session with the web session and captures a voice 
recording to create an audit trail that documents the transaction 
through biometric measures such as voice recordings. 
Authentify is privately held and based in Chicago, Illinois. Visit 
on the Web at, or call 773-243-0300. 


Gifts to Help the Active Family Stay in Touch; Gift Ideas Under $100 

   ITASCA, Ill. /PRNewswire/ -- Holidays have always been about
togetherness, and now more than ever we feel the need to stay 
   Illinois-based Fellowes, offers some suggestions on great gifts 
designed to keep on-the-go families in touch.
    With prices coming down, personal digital assistants (PDAs) are
all-in-one organizational powerhouses.  Moms, dads and kids can 
beam their schedules to each other, keep important contact 
information handy and jot down homework assignments or tasks 
around the house.  Fellowes offers several affordable PDA
accessories for the mobile family.
     Kiss graffiti good-bye with Fellowes' PDA Keyboard and Case.  
This sturdy case docks a PDA on the left and features a QWERTY 
keyboard, calculator and hot buttons on the right.  This two-for-one 
accessory is a terrific handheld solution for novice and experienced 
PDA users alike.
      If the PDA owner on your list is always on the go, Fellowes' PDA 
Bumper is ideal.  It encases handhelds in a rugged, rubberized, 
water-resistant case to protect it from nudges, bumps or accidental 
drops in the classroom or the boardroom.  Fellowes' StylusPENs are 
stylish pens and PDA styli combined into a handy one-click accessory.  
Fellowes offers three StylusPENs for school, home or the office.
         With high tech items like digital cameras and on-line photo 
family pictures can now be burned to a CD for safe keeping.  But how 
do you tell business CDs from family photo CDs?  Label and archive 
family photo CDs using Fellowes/NEATO CD Labeler Kit.  The kit 
includes software as well as CD and jewel case labels.  The software 
is easy to use and the design possibilities are endless.  Family 
can create a label with type styles and graphics, include family names 
photos, devise special event and holiday labels or simply list names 
dates on a colorful background.  Whatever the design, you will know 
what's included on each photo CD.
         No matter how busy the days and weeks may be, it is always 
to stay in touch and connected.  Today's mobile family relies on cell 
to keep track of each other.  With mom, dad, the kids and grandparents, 
that's a lot of cell phones.  Fellowes has some gift suggestions that 
help tell them apart.
         Fellowes' Body Glove cell phone cases come in colors and 
cool enough for kids and sophisticated enough for adults.  Made from 
ultra-soft, suede-like neoprene, each case is shock, scratch, snow and 
water-resistant and offers the same high-grade protection of Body 
classic wetsuits.
     Choose from a variety of CellSuit, Ion or Prizm cases to 
each cell phone in your family.
     Each of the products listed above is available in major computer 
office retail stores, mass merchandisers and commercial catalogs around 
the country.  To locate the store nearest you that carries these and 
Fellowes products, go to Fellowes' Retailer Locator at


Motorola and Bloomingdale's Light up the Holidays 

    CHICAGO,IL /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola is lighting up the holidays 
a fashionable new mobile phone that glows in the dark.  The sleek, 
translucent Motorola i90c Limited Edition phone is now available at the 
Bloomingdale's store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, one of only a 
few nationwide.
    The Motorola i90c Limited Edition was designed for the consumer who
appreciates both fashion and functionality.  Advanced features include
text messaging, musical ring tones, games, voice recorder, 
dialing, Java applications, a two-way radio and more -- all in a 
(3.5" x 1.9" x 1.1") style.  The Motorola i90c Limited Edition is also 
smallest handset in the United States with a built-in speakerphone.
     "The Motorola i90c Limited Edition is the first mobile phone 
enough to be offered through Bloomingdale's," said Anne Keating, 
senior vice president of Bloomingdale's.  "It was initially available 
only three stores; however, the demand for it has been so strong that 
we have made it available in several additional stores, including 
Bloomingdale's in downtown Chicago."
         Suggested retail price is $399.  Service for the Motorola i90c 
Limited Edition phone can be activated on the Nextel National 


VI. Chicago Computer Dealers

Click here at for our list 
of computer dealers and some of the lowest prices in town!

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