Subject: Chicago Computer Guide This Week
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 02:31:53 -0600
Chicago Computer Guide This Week
For January 3 - 10, 2002

I.    This Week's Calendar of Events
II.   Program Enlightens Executives on Strategy and Leadership
III.  Not Living Up To Your XPotential
IV.   Are Your Contracts Prepared?
V.    Chicago Computer Company News
VI.   Chicago Computer Dealers


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I. This Week's Chicago Computer Events

Event: Super Computer Show & Sale
Date: January 4-6, 2002
Place: Donald Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Rd., Rosemont
Time: Friday - 12pm - 9pm, Sat: 10am - 8pm, Sun: 10am - 5pm
Information:  For more information call (847) 692-2220 
Discover up to $10,000,000 worth of inventory from dozens 
of local, midwest, and national computer dealers as they
offer new, used, closeout, and overstock computer 
equipment at 20-80% off retail.

Event: knockNOW: Breakfast Club*
Date: January 9, 2002
Place: The Corner Bakery, 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Information: Contact Nick Farina at 312 203-3232 or via email at
Chicago area entrepreneurs meet to visit with colleagues, 
exchange ideas, and meet new friends. 

Event: Midwest Entrepreneurial Forum*
Date: January 14, 2002
Place: Illinois Institute of Technology, Downtown Campus, 
           565 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 
Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Cost: Free for members, $20 for non-members, annual membership is $50. 
Information:  Contact Tim Boivin at 847.632.0040, ext. 229 or
Brian Hopcraft, the President of Simplified Workplace Solutions, the 
leading provider of workforce management applications for the retail 
and food industries, will present its business model.


II.  Program Enlightens Executives on Strategy and Leadership

Ask any New Yorker for an example of a phenomenal leader 
and the answer will be unanimous- former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. 
The compassion, sympathy, honesty, courage and insight  
Giuliani has recently demonstrated are qualities Larry Wilson,
founder of Wilson Learning, deems essential traits of an effective 
leader during challenging times.
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III. Not Living Up To Your XPotential
By Wayne Krakau

Here is my somewhat simplistic take on the current state 
of Microsoft, as embodied by Windows XP. Let's start with 
some analogies. For dog and cat owners, it's like finally 
getting your pet to stop leaving "presents" on the carpet, 
but still having to put up with your dog chewing up your 
shoes or your cat using your furniture as scratching posts.
For more go to,

IV. Are Your Contracts Prepared?
By Larry Zanger and Andrew Soderna

In the shadows of the September 11th tragedy, the concept 
of 'security' has taken on a new, more serious meaning. As 
time passes, businesses across the country have also 
re-focused their attention on computer security and online 
terrorist activities.
Click here, 
for more.


V. Chicago Computer Company News

uBid Reports Strong Growth During Holiday Shopping Season 

    CHICAGO, IL -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- has announced 
key results of the 2001 holiday shopping season pointing to solid
year-over-year growth. Highlights of the 2001 holiday shopping 
season include: a 30 percent jump in user registrations; a 45 
percent increase in credit card registrations; a 68 percent increase 
in page views, and a 34 percent increase in bids received - all 
versus same period last year. 
    This holiday shopping season, uBid continued to expand its 
inventory with more than 34 million items available on the site for
auction, an increase of 465 percent compared to the same period
last year. The company also reported nearly one million new 
consumer-to-consumer items posted daily during the 2001 
holiday shopping season. 
    uBid pointed to its expanded relationship with Microsoft properties 
as a major source of new growth. Under a new agreement, uBid 
became the premier provider of content and products for the MSN 
Auctions Channel and expanded its relationship with MSN’s eShop 
Merchant Program, to include a permanent anchor position in 
computing, electronics, travel, sports and outdoors, home and 
garden and collectibles. 
   "MSN proved to be a significant contributor to the gains over 
this period as its highly qualified user audience was exposed to 
uBid in more ways than ever,” said Tim Takesue, acting CEO of 
    Since expanding its relationship with MSN, uBid saw nearly an 
80 percent increase in registrations from the MSN site as compared 
to the previous month. Beginning later this month, Microsoft’s small 
and medium sized business portal, bCentral, will integrate its auction 
service into uBid. This will allow uBid to build upon its already 
growing Consumer Exchange marketplace by enabling users to 
launch auctions into uBid via bCentral’s Commerce Manager. 
    The company indicated that some of its strongest performers 
during the 2001 holiday shopping season included Nintendo’s 
GameCube, Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony Playstation2, recordable DVD 
players, mega pixel digital cameras, flat screen monitors and brand 
name laptops and computers including Compaq, Hewlett Packard, 
Sony, NEC, IBM, and more. 
     'We worked hard to create the best possible shopping experience 
this holiday season," said Takesue. "Our ability to provide a 
of options for cost-conscious consumers looking for bargains, as well 
manufacturers looking to turn inventory, proved to be a win-win for


Illinois, Kansas Tie for Top Ranking in National 2001 Digital State 
Survey; Fourth Annual Survey Ranks How States are Adopting 
Digital Technologies 

    WASHINGTON/PRNewswire/ -- Illinois and Kansas tied for first
place in the fourth annual Digital State Survey, conducted by The 
Progress & Freedom Foundation and the Center for Digital Government. 
The states rounding out the top 10 in the 2001 survey are Washington, 
which ranked number one in three earlier annual surveys, Maryland, 
Arizona, Maine, New Jersey, Utah, Ohio and Michigan.
    Results of the 2001 survey are published in a new report, The 
Digital State 2001, and are based on a comprehensive poll of chief 
information officers in the 50 states.  The report, which is sponsored 
by Compaq Computer Corp., documents progress made by states in 
2001 in adopting digital technologies to improve delivery of services 
to citizens.
    The survey examined digital technologies in eight categories: 
E-commerce & Business Regulation, Taxation & Revenue, Social 
Services, Law Enforcement & the Courts, Digital Democracy, 
Management & Administration, Education and Transportation.
     Top-ranked Illinois and Kansas earned scores of 91.8 in 2001.  
Illinois has 1,500 digital devices deployed by seven state agencies, 
65 municipalities and six colleges and universities.  Most of Illinois' 
102 counties have document-filing fees to support online geographic 
information systems (GIS),  which provide digital mapping services.
     In Kansas, all universities offer administrative functions, 
class registration and student loan applications online, and the Kansas 
Bureau of Investigation has the first FBI-certified system for 
criminal histories over the Internet.

    Highlights include:

*  The largest increase in the use of digital technologies was in the
    Digital Democracy category, as many states adopted new ways 
    for citizens to participate in government and elections online.  
    Rhode Island introduced tactile ballots for blind voters that are 
    read by an optical scanner.  Arizona has conducted a legally 
    binding primary election on the Internet.

*  Seventeen states, up from 10 in 2000, now have electronic 
    procurement systems.

*  Citizens in many states can now apply online for some permits 
   and licenses, and 14 states have at least 76 percent of all 
   forms online.

*  Forty-seven states now allow citizens to file tax returns online, 
   and 32 states accept electronic payment for taxes or other 

*  Job-search information is online in 45 states and 43 states are 
   using ATM-style debit cards to disperse at least a portion of social 
   benefits like food stamps.

*  Thirty-nine states, up from 22 in 2000, recognize digital 
   and all 50 states have online access to court decisions and 

**************************************************************************************************** Changes Name to Participate Systems 

    Chicago, IL--, a provider of sales force community
software and services, announced that it has changed its name to 
Participate Systems. The change was made to signal that the firm is 
now selling a broad offering that includes both enterprise software and 
community management services to Fortune 1000 corporations. 
    "The name Participate Systems reflects what we’re providing to our 
customers," said Alan K. Warms, chairman and chief executive officer 
of Participate Systems. "We’re selling a dynamic combination of 
and services." 
Participate Systems completed FY 2000 with revenues of $8.2 million; 
the company’s FY 2001 revenues grew 14 percent over FY 2000. 


CompleteTax Online Tax Preparation, E-Filing Easy, Fast, Affordable

     RIVERWOODS, Ill. /PRNewswire/ -- For the growing number 
of taxpayers planning to head online this tax season, CCH 
INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax law information 
and software, is enhancing CompleteTax, its low-cost, online tax 
preparation and filing service.
     Available for its third tax season, CompleteTax was developed 
by the CCH tax experts who developed and offer the professional 
tax preparation software, ProSystem fx Tax.
     Easy to use and secure, CompleteTax is among the most 
comprehensive online solutions for preparing and filing tax returns, 
from simple 1040s to more complex returns common for small 
business owners or individuals with special tax situations.
    Enhancements and productivity tools include an entire portfolio 
of financial calculators to help consumers evaluate investment, home 
financing, personal financing and retirement options.  These tools are 
available immediately to consumers.
      Individuals interested in finding out ahead of time how the Tax 
of 2001 will affect their taxes can log onto the site now and use the 
CompleteTax Tax Relief Saving Calculator to determine within seconds 
what the legislation's impact will be on their overall tax obligation.  
site also includes a detailed summary of the tax changes.
       Certain CompleteTax planning tools are available now, with the 
site to be ready to process 2001 returns in mid-January.  The total 
for calculating, preparing and e-filing/printing both the federal and 
state (if allowable by the state) returns is just $17.95.  Taxpayers 
charged only once their return is complete and they're ready to either 
print and mail or electronically file their return.


VI. Chicago Computer Dealers

Click here at for our list 
of computer dealers and some of the lowest prices in town!

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