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Subject: Focus on Linux: New versions close the gap between Windows and Linux CNET Member alert
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Focus on Linux:
CNET Software Head-to-Head: SuSE Linux 8.1 vs. Red Hat Linux 8.0
Early Linux versions were far too technical and terrifying for the majority of Windows users -- things have changed. Two of the year's most user-friendly Linux distributions have closed the gap between Windows and Linux.

Linux Takes on the TIVO

Video: Brian Cooley checks out a new Linux-based video recorder that's attempting to take on Microsoft and TiVo in the media center battle.

Linux robots on patrol

Video: Linux-based robots designed to search, map and patrol buildings.

"It's getting hot now"

Video: SuSE Linux chief Richard Seibt talks about the impact of SCO's legal maneuvering, and the two-horse race with Red Hat.

Review: SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional
The best-looking Linux desktop OS around. And its installation process is so smooth and uncluttered, this alone merits a chance from Windows die-hards.

Review: Red Hat Linux 9.0 Professional
Red Hat's latest version offers an improved interface and easier installation -- but if you're new to Linux, you can save a few bucks by trying the lower cost SuSE or Mandrake instead.

Review: Mandrake Linux PowerPack Edition 9.0
MandrakeSoft has come as close as anyone to making Linux truly competitive with Windows. It's brimming with bundled apps and can now automatically partition a Windows NTFS drive, something Red Hat and SuSE can't do.

Review: Lindows 4.0
Easy to install and with an attractive desktop, this distribution will appeal to any Windows user wanting to give Linux a try. Experienced Linux users will decry Lindows' lack of installation options, but as an entry-level Linux OS, Lindows 4.0 can't be beat.'s Linux Fundamentals Learning CD

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