From:"e-Open" <>
Subject: Retail's Formula Linux
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 16:13:01 EST

You won't find us dropping names like Bill, Linus, and Carly in this
week's cover story. You're due for a read that sings to names like
Tommy, Calvin, and Ralph. We've been taking a look at Linux in
retailing, as the retail industry moves away from the dot-gone era's 
rides in virtual shopping ventures. The industry today is increasingly
focused on the wonders of e-infrastructures for enhancing their
distribution and sales channels, and you'll discover how Tommy
Hilfiger's B2B web portals let suppliers shop till they drop.

To accessorize your insights on B2B web designs, you'll want to check
out our review of Forte for Java Enterprise Edition. With this tool,
OpenBench Labs has discovered how easy albeit frustrating it can be to
build and deploy a Java-based web service.

TOC. For readers who still lean toward print, you're soon to get an
option of full text and graphics made available in PDF format, for 
who just have to take it with them. And don't forget to send a copy to
your friends mired in proprietary systems.


The editors of Open magazine