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Subject: GUI Applications on Linux become easy
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 18:16:42 +0530

We, at Pan American Business Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., take pleasure in introducing you to Pro-X, the potent power development tool  that provides the fastest and most powerful GUI development environment on Linux. It ensures an efficient development in terms of speed and convenience.

Pro-X has already been interfaced with MandrakeLinux OS and MandrakeSoft is bundling up Pro-X with their Version 9.0. It is an interactive, event-driven, cross-platform, visual-programming environment on Linux for rapid application development on TCL/ TK. The tool provides a highly efficient way to build graphical user interfaces and database connectivity with a minimum coding.

The current release of Pro-X version 1.3.1 provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for TCL/TK users on Linux platform.

Pro-X’s X-Data Object connects the world of Oracle and MySql to provide Enterprise Database Solutions and hence, no lengthy programmatic codes or commands are needed to maintain the Database.

The next release would be aimed at C/C++ users. Pro-X for C/C++ would aim to revolutionize the concept of programming on Linux.

 The 30 days free downloadable version is available on our website

We would be glad to get a feedback from you on the product.

As we are in the ongoing process of improving and enhancing the product, your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us.

Looking forward to your response on the product.

Monika Chaudhary

Business Development

Pan American Business Solutions