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Subject: HancomLinux welcomes you to the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
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  HancomLinux welcomes you to the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

LinuxWorld is your destination for all things Linux.
HancomLinux invites you to visit us at LinuxWorld to learn about the future of Linux desk top computing, our work in guiding the future of KDE, and to preview our suite of Linux/KDE office applications. Specifically we will preview the next release of our integrated office suite, HancomOffice 2.0. This end-to-end suite of KDE based applications is your last stop in the search for Linux office automation tools.
We will be demonstrating pre-release versions of the suite and answering your questions concerning this exciting alternative for Linux professionals and end-users alike. There will be a brief presentation every half hour, after which you can visit several kiosks to learn the details behind every application in HancomOffice 2.0, including:

HancomWord for word processing
HancomSheet for spreadsheet users
HancomPresenter for print and video presentations
HancomPainter for graphic development and manipulation
HancomEnvision for diagrams and flowcharts
HancomWebBuilder for HTML creation and editing
HancomEasyDB for database interaction and application development
HancomQuicksilver for e-mail and Personal Information Management (PIM)

If you crave a solid, feature-filled office environment for Linux desktops, then you owe it to yourself to visit HancomLinux at the Linux World Expo:

When: August 28-30th
Where: The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
  at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA
Booth: #1673

If you would like a personal tour of HancomLinux products, please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment and note the date and time you would like to reserve. Otherwise, simply come by our booth for the regularly schedule presentations.
In the mean time, visit us electronically at


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