From:"mdove" <>
Subject: Google seeking linux experts
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 16:45:55 -0800

Hello.  My name is Marianne Dove.  I’m a recruiter for Google.  Google is currently seeking several Unix/Linux experts for a couple of positions in Mountain View, California or Dublin, Ireland.  I was wondering if it would be possible for you to post this information or let your members know about this opportunity.    If so, I’ve pasted the 2 job descriptions below.  


If it’s not possible, I understand.  I don’t mean to crowd your technical list with a job posting, but this is such a great opportunity, and Google is seeking the very best Engineers from around the world and I feel there must be dozens of linux experts out there.  I’m hoping I can find some of them on your list via my posting.  Thank you for your consideration and time.




Marianne Dove

Google Recruiter


Mountain View, California



Site Reliability Engineer


Location: Mountain View, California or Dublin, Ireland

-We are looking for a detail-oriented systems professional, seasoned Unix jockey, Internet services architect, database whiz, performance analyst, or software engineer, at the top of their game.


-Can you help achieve increased Availability, Reliability, Uptime, and  Quality? (for our systems and services, naturally)


-Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are involved in all aspects of running our site, from design to debug, from architecture to applications. Google SREs spend their time troubleshooting problems in large-scale clustered application service environments, and focus on making continual improvements to our services.

-This position requires a passion for problem solving, deep understanding of networks, operating systems, multi-tiered Internet services, and the ability to learn new applications and concepts quickly. Strong scripting skills are essential.

-As an SRE, you will wear many hats: performance analyst, service architect, system/database administrator, capacity planner, tools developer, monitoring expert, and technical evangelist, for all components of Google's Ads services.

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, you are a possible fit, so please apply!

1.    Do you have at least a BS or BA in computer science or a related technical field?

2.    Do you have 3+ years of experience as a Unix/Linux Systems Administrator or are you a software engineer with networking architecture experience?

3.    Do you have experience in Python programming or Perl or scripting?

Email your text (ASCII) or PDF version of your resume to :


Hands on Senior Technical Engineering Manager


Position based in Mountain View, California or Dublin, Ireland

We're looking for a highly technical, hands-on Engineering Manager to lead a team of 4-10+ Google software engineers and sysadmins in Site Reliability. Site Reliability teams are directly responsible for Google's stellar uptime record, and act as the guardians and custodians of Google's user-visible services. In the manager role, you will be responsible for ensuring that Google users can always reach and use all of the services under your team's care.


·         Very high technical competence and strong academic record.

·         Currently holding a very senior or Director level role.

·         4+ years of relevant hands-on technical experience, and a record of individual technical achievement.

·         3-10+ years of relevant experience managing software development and/or operations teams.

·         Strong project management skills, especially in deploying live end-user systems.

·         That rare mix of intelligence, integrity, domain knowledge, verbal agility, and diplomacy which allows you to rapidly earn the trust of technically-astute teams across the company.

·         Expert coding ability

·         BA/BS in CS preferred; MS / Ph.D. a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a  PDF or Text version of your resume to: