Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 15:17:02 -0800 (PST)
From:Send an Instant Message "Chris Romano" <>
Subject: Red Hat Certified Engineer needed

I saw your info on the site and wanted to share this immediate opportunity with you. If you ore you know of someone that is a fit please let me know...


Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer

BSA has a client located downtown Chicago with the need for a Red Hat Certified Engineer with 2-3 years of Linux system administration experience.

SCOPE: The OEMC is developing a Java application with a Linux back end and the server O/S has apparently not been configured or tuned properly, and their application, which needs to support up to 100 concurrent users in a "high availability" environment, is crashing. I believe the OMEC is running Red Hat Linux Enterprise but I'm not sure of the edition (WS, AS or ES).

Our client needs a qualified Linux person to work with the developer to determine the cause of the error (which may be in the coding, or in the O/S configuration). The OMEC believes that a RHCE can investigate the server environment and work with the developer to improve performance. It's possible that to reduce their downtime, specific server O/S activities (e.g., reinstalling portions of the O/S components) may be required to be performed outside normal business hours (approx 8am-5pm).

Required Skills:
The individual must hold a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and have 2-3 years of Linux system administration experience. The RHCE is mandatory!

Non-Tech Skills:
Do a good job and it's entirely possible client will ask for additional services and The right individual might qualify for a long-term support position.

Emp. Type: Contract, Contract-to-Hire Duration: 2-3 weeks
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