Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 15:41:40 -0700
From:"Alex Monteiro" <>
Subject: John H. Terpstra in Chicago - 19-23 SEP.
Hi Mike-

Thanks for your interest in John's upcoming visit to Chicago.  I have 
able to hook up with a few good resources there for the free seminars 
providing on Monday, September 19th as well as the 4-day session we're 
doing at Novell.  Mike McCune (in case you know him) was able to get us 
center hooked up through Jeff Gerhardt.  I would like to get the word 
to all local LUG members about the sessions being offered.  I am also 
offering a 25% discount for any active LUG member who would like to 
the 4-day training class.

Below are the details for the week.  The topic of discussion for the 
night session with area LUG members is TBD - John will deliver any 
they prefer.  He aims to please!

Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Free John H. Terpstra seminars - Monday, September 19th .
Conducted at the Korean American Community Services
4300 North California Avenue - Chicago, IL.  60618

9:00am:  "Taking Control of your Business" - This three hour, 
seminar is designed for today's IT technology consumer.  This seminar 
provides today's consumer an overview of choice, strategy, and the 
of change.

2:00pm:  "Rebuilding a Profitable IT Business" - This three hour, 
interactive seminar is designed for today's IT service provider.  This 
seminar compares the old IT service model and discusses changes for the 

6:00pm:  Special technical session for Chicago-area user-group 
members.  John always appreciates the opportunity to have a discussion 
local area LUG members in the different cities we offer training 
classes.  The topic can be determined by the group as John aims to 
"Building a Powerhouse Network" training workshop - Tuesday through 
September 20-23.
Conducted at Novell in Rolling Meadows, IL.
2850 West Golf Road Suite 100 - Rolling Meadows, IL.  60008

Course outline:

Session offered for $1995.00
Interested parties should contact Alex Monteiro at 650-279-1909 or via 
Email at

Alex Monteiro
Program Manager - Primastasys, Inc.
m.  650-279-1909
f.  415-986-3029