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CNET Membership newsletter February 19, 2004 


The Linux file system and commands
The dual boot Linux/Windows system
Creating and configuring users and groups
Enhancing the Linux environment
Implementing mail services
Configuration script files
Basics of Linux networking
And much more

Join the open source movement with's Linux Fundamentals Learning CD. Whether it's cost savings, increased productivity or better security, more people today are turning to Linux.

With's Linux Fundamentals Learning CD, you'll learn how to install, operate and manage PCs running the popular, cost-effective operating system in a fraction of the time it normally takes in a classroom.

Or order by phone:
(US): 877-242-8184
Intl: 503-972-8790

Over 20 hours of interactive lessons provide realistic activities within a Linux environment so that you learn by doing, not just by reading.

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The Linux Fundamentals Learning CD teaches you:
Linux basics: Logging into a Linux system, entering commands, booting and shutting down, working in X Windows, installing RedHat Linux, and more Linux network administration: Networking and TCP/IP on Linux, configuring DNS and NFS, troubleshooting network problems, and more
Linux server administration: Learning to build, install and configure an Apache Web server, plus system management and optimization UNIX administration: Managing and troubleshooting the UNIX system, configuring the UNIX client/server environment, and much more

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