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Volume 3, Number 3 -- January 24, 2006
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On the open source highway this is where the rubber meets the road-
EDI-INT or FTP on Linux.

nuBridges' truExchange EDI-INT (AS1, AS2 and FTP) solution for Linux fits into your environment. Whether you need transaction visibility, MDN tracking, security, or splitting of EDI and XML files, truExchange EDI-INT for Linux gives you total control to exchange secure transactions.

Integrate. Connect. Manage.

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The Industry’s Strongest Virus Protection, Now Available for Linux.

Like all platforms, Linux can host and spread malicious code, making reliable virus protection a must. Bytware now brings the power of McAfee and the award-winning StandGuard Anti-Virus to Linux.

Detect and clean more than 150,000 threats, a huge improvement over the 40,000 threats other Linux solutions promise to detect.

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GNU General Public License v3 Draft Gets Public Airing
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Perhaps more than anything else, the GNU General Public License and the freedoms and protections it affords to open source software and the people who create it, has fostered the very open source software community that the founders of the various GNU programs had envisioned so many decades ago. But times have changed, and even as open source software has proliferated and become more commercially viable, the GNU General Public License v2 that was announced in 1991--the year Linux was born--is inadequate to the task of protecting developers and open source software. READ MORE >

Egenera Upgrades BladeFrame Servers, Adds Cooling
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Blade server maker Egenera will today take the wraps off its third generation of hardware, and will also announce a partnership with commercial and consumer heating and cooling specialist Emerson to provide sophisticated cooling technologies for the new BladeFrame EX machines. Through a partnership with Liebert, a division of Emerson Network Power, Egenera will enable very high blade server densities while actually providing customers with a net savings in electricity costs related to cooling. READ MORE >

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Award-winning Arkeia Network Backup
for SMBs and enterprises
with heterogeneous networks.

Arkeia Server Backup
for stand-alone Linux servers.

Hot backup of open databases,
NDMP support for NAS backup
and fully automated Disaster Recovery.

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CanIt-PRO Anti-Spam Software for Linux/UNIX

· Flexible spam and virus blocking
· Unparalleled end-user control
· Access to source code? Of course!

Stop spam at the mail server on YOUR terms with CanIt-PRO from Roaring Penguin Software. Combines the power of MIMEDefang and SpamAssassin™ to provide unparalled end-user control and an easy-to-use Web interface.

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xSeries Sales Steady for Big Blue
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Last week, IBM reported its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year in 2005, and as is usually the case for a large, multinational corporation with a complex set of product lines, Big Blue had plenty of ups and downs in the quarter and is finding it hard to generate revenue growth even as it manages to squeeze profits out of those products. But, the company, with over $88.3 billion in sales (excluding its divested PC and disk drive businesses) and $8.7 billion in net income for 2005, is still by a smidgen the largest IT supplier in the world, just ahead of Hewlett-Packard. READ MORE >

IBM Reshuffles Systems and Technology Executives
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

It's a new year, and one with its own challenges. And big companies like IBM like to cross-train their top executives to sit in various regions and management, development, and sales jobs throughout their careers so they can have seasoned, well-rounded executives running their groups and divisions. And that is why IBM last week rejiggered its organizational chart and moved around some of its key executives within the Systems and Technology Group, which makes processors and servers and develops operating systems. READ MORE >



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ShaoLin Microsystems provides enterprise Linux infrastructure and storage software.

· ShaoLin HA Cluster - Easy-to-use and low cost high availability cluster software to minimize system downtime.

· ShaoLin Volume Replicator - Powerful and open disaster recovery solution to ensure data integrity and application availability.

· ShaoLin CogoFS - Outperform compressed filesystem for Linux to multiply network performance and storage capacity.


But Wait, There's More:

AMD Gains, Intel Loses in the X64 Money Race . . . Wasabi Systems Says GPL Violations Can Turn Into SOX Violations . . . IBM Tops U.S. Patent List for 13th Straight Year . . . Google Unveils the Google Pack . . . RFID No Passing Fad, Aberdeen Says . . . Bang for the Buck Drives Server Acquisitions in the U.S., Says IDC . . .


Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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