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Subject: THE LINUX LINE - Vol. III, No. 6
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:07:12 -0400
June 16, 2003

Dear valued Open magazine subscriber:

As one of our subscribers interested in expanding Linux learning, we 
are pleased to send you the June issue of IBM's Linux 
magazine-on-the-Web, The Linux Line. Whether you're interested in tutorials on how to 
capitalize on the capabilities of Linux software or seeking IT assessments, 
The Linux Line, like Open, is a useful roadmap for following Linux as 
it continues taking the IT world by storm.

In this month's issue, Germany and India underscore the drawing power 
of Linux for governments; Linux inroads in financial services are 
discussed by Elaine Sullivan, IBM General Manager of Global Financial 
Markets; what's next at IBM Global Services to help customers capture Linux 
value, according to Benoit Degreve, IBM Global Linux Services Executive; 
and how Linux supports IBM's advanced semiconductor manufacturing 
facility, according to Perry Hartswick, IBM Manager of 300mm Systems.

You'll also read about the introduction of the IBM eServer p615; the 
new flagship of the eServer line, zSeries 990; how Trustix and IBM 
provide a Linux-based e-mail solution for The Royal College of General 
Practitioners; and more.

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