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Subject: The Linux Line - Vol. III, No. 7
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 18:26:40 -0400
July 15, 2003

Dear valued Open magazine subscriber:

As one of our subscribers interested in expanding Linux learning, we 
are pleased to send you the July issue of IBM's Linux 
magazine-on-the-Web, The Linux Line. Whether you're interested in tutorials on how to 
capitalize on the capabilities of Linux software or seeking IT assessments, 
The Linux Line, like Open, is a useful roadmap for following Linux as 
it continues taking the IT world by storm.

In this month's issue, Mike Borman, General Manager, IBM Global 
Business Partners, discusses what IBM business partners do and the kind of 
Linux support they can expect from IBM; Tim Buckley, COO of Red Hat, talks 
about Red Hatís strategies and priorities; a new e-mail system running 
Linux for the ASPCA brings better response times for vets and field 
workers; and whatís in store as Linus Torvalds joins the Open Source 
Development Labs as OSDL Fellow, to guide Linux developers and to help set 
direction for the Labís industry initiatives.

You'll also read about the new DB2 UDB Express Edition for Linux and 
Windows, tailored for SMBs; where to find features about 
industrial-sector Linux; guidelines for installing the Linux kernel debugger; and more.

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We hope you enjoy your subscription to The Linux Line.

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