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Subject: The Linux Line extra
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 21:36:50 -0500
November 17, 2003

Dear valued Open magazine subscriber:

As one of our subscribers interested in expanding Linux learning, we 
are pleased to send you the November issue of IBM's Linux 
magazine-on-the-Web, The Linux Line. Whether you're interested in tutorials on how to 
capitalize on the capabilities of Linux software or seeking IT 
assessments, The Linux Line, like Open, is a useful roadmap for following Linux 
as it continues taking the IT world by storm.

In this month's issue, you'll read about the latest developments in 
Linux and other open source adoptions in Germany in an interview with 
Walter Raizner, Country General Manager for IBM Germany; the Red Hat, IBM 
relationship in a Red Hat interview with Jim Stallings, IBM General 
Manager for Linux; the Novell announcement about an agreement to acquire 
SUSE LINUX with a $50m investment from IBM; and Red Hat's release of Red 
Hat 9 for the open source community as part of Project Fedora. 

You'll also read about IBM's new content-management software, which 
includes DB2 Content Manager for Linux; shell scripting techniques, 
according to Linux developer Spence Murray; setting up Zebra, open source 
TCP/IP routing software; and more.

It's waiting for you! Just point your browser to 

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We hope you enjoy your subscription to The Linux Line.

All the best,

Open magazine

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