Subject: Linux System Administration Certificate
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:25:06 -0600
From:"Leonard, Michelle " <>

The College of Lake County (Grayslake, IL) is offering two new programs 
that may be of interest to members in your user group. The first is a 
certificate in Linux System Administration.  This certificate can also 
be taken when working towards an Associate of Applied Sciences in 
Electronics & Information Technology. Courses begin in January.  Please 
consider making this announcement to your group. Thank you.

Linux Certificate information:
IT curriculum information:

For more information please contact:

Michelle Leonard
Engineering, Math & Physical Sciences Division
College of Lake County
19351 W. Washington St.
Grayslake, IL  60030


College of Lake County:

Electronics and Information Technology Department


Certificate in Linux System Administration



ELT151                           PC Hardware Fundamentals                     3.0 Credits

ELT152                          PC Peripherals and Troubleshooting                     3.0 Credits

EIT111                           Digital and Network Fundamentals                               4.0 Credits

or                     or                     or

CNA111                     Cisco Networking I                     3.0 Credits

EIT212                     Linux Operating System                             3.0 Credits

EIT232                          Linux System Administration                        3.0 Credits


                                          16.0-17.0 Credits Total

ELT 151 PC Hardware Fundamentals (2-2) 3 Hours

This course will cover the basic components of a PC, including motherboards, memory, disk drives, cases and power supplies. Computers will be disassembled, reassembled and configured to operate. NOTE: recommended preparation CIS 120 and concurrent enrollment in ELT 170 or equivalent knowledge.


ELT 152 PC Peripherals and Troubleshooting (2-2) 3 Hours

This course will cover the common peripheral components of a PC, including modems, Sound cards, network interface cards (NIC), and printers. Additionally, troubleshooting of hardware components will be presented, including diagnostic hardware and software. Preventative maintenance issues will be explored.

Prerequisite: ELT 151


EIT 111 Digital & Networking Fundamentals (3-2) 4 Hours

This is an introductory course in digital electronic concepts and networking fundamentals. The course will introduce basic Boolean Algebra including masking concepts. LAN network fundamentals will be studied including peer-to-peer networks using TCP/IP protocols and Ethernet media. Laboratories will include experiments in logic and small networks and peer-to-peer networks will be implemented.


EIT 212 Linux Operating System (2-2) 3 Hours

This course will introduce the basic concepts of the LINUX operating system and LINUX network administration. Hardware and software configurations necessary for the installation and maintenance of the operating system and its applications will be covered. A foundation of system commands, expressions and controls will be taught. More advanced skills such as print server, file server and web server applications will be implemented.


EIT 232    Linux System Administration   (2-2) 3 Hours
This course will introduce more advanced Linux network administration. Skills such as implementing,
troubleshooting and securing mixed networks will be taught.  Samba print and file servers, Internet gateways such as firewall and proxy servers and Internet servers such as apache web server will be built.
Prerequisites: EIT 212


For more information, contact the college or one of the following faculty members:

Michelle Leonard             847-543-2760                                 Greg Morris             847-543-2905

Tony Gundrum            847-543-2489                                 Richard Hoppel            847-543-2494