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Subject: More Great News for Linux Users from Oracle
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:36:01 -0500 More Great News for Linux Users from Oracle
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You already know that Linux greatly reduces the cost of implementation, deploys on low-cost commodity hardware, and is the emerging operating system for cost savings due to development collaboration.

Now there's more great news for the Linux community:

  • OTN has the new Oracle Cluster File System for Linux. Visit the new Community Center on the Oracle Technology Network and download the new open-source code. Now, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters on Linux is more scalable, more reliable, and easier to manage than ever. Check out the code now.

  • You can have mainframe quality of service at a fraction of the cost. The latest Linux kernel technical enhancements by Oracle and Red Hat make Oracle9i Real Application Clusters even betterórun it on Linux and Dell, and enjoy mainframe quality of service at a fraction of the cost. Save money with Linux and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters.

  • Oracle9i Application Server delivers more for less. Recent benchmark results prove that Oracle9iAS delivers the best price/performance-and it's the most cost-effective application server on Linux. Visit OTN and download Oracle9i Application Server on Linux.

Oracle is committed to Linux-and we'll continue to contribute code to the Linux community and work closely with all major Linux distributions to accelerate the adoption of Linux. We invite developers, customers, and partners to learn more about what we offer on Linux.

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