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Subject: [Announcement] Invitation to Linux World Expo 2004 Singapore and Malaysia
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 23:25:07 +0800 LinuxWorld Expo 2004 Malaysia and Singapore

Hi LUG Group Leaders,

Linux World Expo 2004 is back, and we will like to invite you and all your LUG group members to
Linux World Expo in Singapore and Malaysia this coming May.

Be excited by the Newest Open Source Technologies and Applications by our Linux counterparts.

Linux World Expo Malaysia



splash6.jpgAre you paying 100% for only 20% usage of office applications? 


Join Governments and Businesses who have explored OUT OF THE BOX solutions on Linux.  

Stay in control over rising IT costs with open source solutions!




“NTUC FairPrice saved over S$700,000 in software licenses and hardware costs when it turned to a Linux-based inventory management system for tracking sales and goods in 2003.”  

Bernard Chew, CIO 


"Based upon the list prices of proprietary software, closed source licensing adds 50% on top of the hardware cost for a desktop personal computer in a regular office environment, and this 50% overhead can be saved by using Open source software.”  

Dinesh Nair, Computer Security Specialist, MNCC-OSSIG technical sub-group 


“Linux will be the dominant OS in China, given the government’s administrative direction. By going with the flow, we can protect our investments and ensure future interoperability in Greater China, our target market.”  

Godwin Choi, Financial Controller, NTK



Join leading minds at LinuxWorld this May to find out how LINUX can help your business. Get assimilated with LINUX and be FREED from expensive licensing, upgrading costs and more! If you want more control, make the right IT decisions TODAY.

..:: Conference Highlights ::..


Get answers and guidance from Linux Gurus who can help you run your businesses more effectively. There are business and technical topics as below:

- Managing Linux in the Entreprise
- The Enterprise Linux Desktop : Addressing Corporate Needs
- Linux for eBusiness
- Network management with Linux
- Development of Linux in Asia – Challenges and Opportunities
- Storage Strategies for deploying Linux in the Entreprise
- Securing Linux Systems
- Linux System Administration
- Database Clustering and Replication
- Deploying Linux on the Desktop
- Open source licensing issues

Check out latest conference updates at  . 

How to Participate
Delegates & Visitors may register online at

For enquiries, please contact Mei Mei at

*Exclusive for Delegates*
Enjoy $100 OFF usual rate when you sign up before 5 April!

Register @ Now!

Send a team of 3 and the 4th person attends Free!

Companies / Organisations that deploy Linux

NTUC FairPrice (Inventory mangement system, POS system)

SMRT (overhead monitors that indicate when the next train is coming)

Overseas Family School (An all Linux lab)

Bioinformatics Institute (uses Linux for research / Clusters, standalone high end systems)


RHB Bank (Intranet, knowledge repository & HR system)

KAF Group (Linux servers, OpenOffice)

Indah Water Konsortium (Linux servers)

Olympia Industries (E-mail server)


Mercedes-Benz AG (Print server, Software development tools)

DaimlerChrysler (Network file server, Internet client software)

Sony WorldWide Networks (Intranet, E-mail server)

Nokia (Backup service, Databases)


and many more...are you Ready to be included in this list?


Meet providers in the Linux arena : IBM, BEA, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Veritas Software, Applied Business Systems, BakBone, DreamApps, Equinox, Ingram Micro, NetApps, Redhat, Scalable Systems, Globalink Solutions, Linux Training Providers and more!



Mark your Calendar!

Malaysia : 11 – 12 May 2004 @ Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

Singapore : 25 – 26 May 2004 @ Suntec Singapore