Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 16:06:31 -0700
From: Rob Wehrli <>  
Organization: Arizona Cooperative Power
Subject: Grassroots Linux PDA Project...
Please visit 

It is...

home to a growing grassroots, open source Linux PDA project especially
suited for the Linux Community. The PDA, really a Linux Workstation for
your hand, is unique in that it is designed from the ground up to be a
power-user's portable Linux system. In keeping with the tradition of 
Open Source development model, this PDA is open to contributors with an
interest in developing the coolest new Linux PDA ever. Featuring PCMCIA
and CompactFlash slots, an HR-TFT Active Matrix LCD panel capable of
displaying 64K colors and a whopping 256 MBytes of super fast SDRAM,
this unit aims to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding Linux
Advocate. Scheduled for early release to Linux Developers worldwide in
April with full production planned in August 2001, this project brings
the full power of 32-bit RISC processing home in this incredibly
portable form factor. With a list of big-name sponsors including
Hitachi, Xilinx, Sharp, Micron and Epson, this completely Open Source
project seeks your active involvement. Help define this "Cool Linux"
device. Engage yourself in embedded Linux Activism today by visiting 
MyLinux PDA web site!

And be sure to check out...

...for your opportunity to Register your LUG to win a free MyLinux PDA.

Take Care.

Project Director -- MyLinux PDA Core Development