From:"Maguma GmbH" <>
Subject: Remember to download your full personal Linxversion of Maguma Workbench
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 17:11:02 +0200

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Dear Linux User Group,

We want to remind you that your free Linux version of the PHP IDE Maguma Workbench can be downloaded until May 31, 2004!

Take the chance to download for free your Linux version of Maguma Workbench and the possibility for all your members to get a discount of 10%!

What is Maguma Workbench?

Maguma is the “easy to use” IDE (integrated development environment) for PHP. After many requests from the community we have created a Linux-based PHP IDE. Now we run on Linux! Maguma Workbench has a plug-in architecture; this makes it possible for users to create custom plug-ins. The plug-ins will help foster the open source mentality and with them you can design the features you need.



Maguma seeks to provide not only the tools for building websites and applications but also a place to learn and contribute. The open-source concept is an excellent platform for better code and more responsive support;  we want to guide our community to help us make tools that make building websites and applications no just better but also easier. So we will be having competitions and other suprises to help fuel this atmosphere.

Please visit to find out more about the future community.


How you can register for your free license and get a discount of 10% for your members?

For the free complete version you send only a email to with the name of the user group and the officer representing the group. After that you get the free license of the new IDE Maguma Workbench.

After the registration of the free license, you will be provided a special discount code that your members can use to receive the 10% off the purchase.

Try Maguma Worckbench and download a trialversion from the page

Enjoy programming,

Your Maguma Team



Maguma is a company based around the idea of creating simpler, faster and more reliable dynamic websites and web applications with open-source languages. We promote, develop, and coordinate the extensions and ideas of our customers and partners in order to achieve the goals faster and more error-free with the concept of „more bang for the buck.“

Maguma is a leader in the development with PHP.  More than 100.000 users have downloaded Maguma Studio already and are proving it to be a useful platform for coding. Maguma Workbench, as the successor to the Maguma Studio product, is gaining ground and features with it’s new plug-in architecture and ease-of-use.


Maguma Workbench
current version

Maguma's newest product The Maguma Workbench is a cross-platform source-level editor also known as an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment). Maguma Workbench is now available for Windows and Linux and will be soon available for Mac OSX as well. This next-generation product is built around a plug-in architecture that provides several benefits over traditional program architecture.

Workbench contains a debugger, internal and external previews, adjustable themes, class browser, new flexible layout, and more



Maguma Workbench

Maguma Toolkit

Current version 2.0.x

The Maguma Toolkit brings additional features to the Maguma Workbench core product. All features are separate modules that plug into the main application as easily as copying the files into the correct directory. Future “toolkits” and user-built toolkits will have the same option. The beauty of this process becomes evident when you realize that you only need to purchase the features you want.

The first toolkit from Maguma have adds the following features:

          CVS Manager

          Class Wizard

          FTP Browser

          Regex Builder

Maguma Toolkit 2.0.x




Ready for the discount?

Take your chance today to get the complete Linux version of Maguma Workbench for free and the discount for your memebers.

Do you need more information?

Please contact us:
email: or phone +39 – 0471 / 568030