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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In This Issue
1. Editor's Note: Investor To SCO: Stop Suing Linux Users
2. The Kernel: Top Stories This Week
  - JBoss CEO Against Open-Sourcing Java
  - VC Firm To SCO: Changes Needed To Keep Money
  - Readers: The Sun-Microsoft Alliance Is Anti-Linux
  - How-To: Basic Samba Configuration
3. Only The Best Linux And Open-Source News
4. Voting Booth: Cast Your Vote On Open Source Java
5. Shameless Self-Promotion

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1. EDITOR'S NOTE: Investor To SCO: Stop Suing Linux Users

Major SCO investor BayStar gave Linux users a big bouquet
recently, when the company told SCO to stop suing Linux users. 

Oh, that's not what BayStar actually said. BayStar told SCO that
BayStar believes that SCO's entire future rests in its lawsuit
against IBM. 

BayStar has $20 million invested in SCO, an amount greater than
SCO's entire earnings for the most recent quarter. So BayStar has
a pretty big club with which to beat SCO into submission. 

BayStar delivered a demand to SCO early this month to return
BayStar's investment. In interviews a week later, BayStar
officials said SCO could keep the money after all, but only on
the condition of making drastic changes. 

VC Firm To SCO: Changes Needed To Keep Money

Implicit in that ultimatum is BayStar's unstated demand that SCO
stop doing the things that SCO is now doing that BayStar seems to
believe are a waste of time. These include: 

- Suing Linux users. 
- Getting into lawsuits with other Linux vendors, such as Red Hat
and Novell.
- Writing and distributing Unix and web services software. 
- Selling licenses to Linux users to allow the Linux users to use
what SCO claims is its intellectual property. 
- Speaking out against Linux at conferences and to the
- And in general stop being a colossal pain in the patootie to
people who are trying to work for a living. 

The whole thing was a big insult from BayStar to SCO, and it had
Linux advocates trying to figure out how they could give each
other high-fives over instant messaging. (Jabber IM, of course.)

BayStar piled on the insults when it demanded a change in
management at SCO. 

And BayStar stuck a big pin in SCO's believability. For the week
between BayStar's delivering the demand for a refund of its
investment, and explaining it, SCO said the ultimatum came as a
complete surprise, that BayStar had never discussed issues with
SCO before. 

BayStar, on the other hand, says it did discuss these issues with
SCO, in great detail.

I don't know for a fact who's telling the truth here, but I know
which story makes sense. BayStar's ultimatum drove SCO's stock
price down. BayStar has scared away future investors. Both these
things hurt BayStar's own investment. BayStar must have known
both these things would happen, and it's hard to imagine the
investors would have taken the actions they did - publicly
spanking SCO and inflicting damage on their own investment -
unless they'd tried everything else first. 

--Mitch Wagner, Editor
Linux Pipeline

For more commentary and links from Mitch Wagner, see Wagner's



JBoss CEO Against Open-Sourcing Java
JBoss CEO Marc Fleury sides with Sun on releasing Java technology
to the open-source community, but he also thinks it's a good idea
to open-source other core technologies for building services-
oriented architectures. 
VC Firm To SCO: Changes Needed To Keep Money
BayStar Capital told the software company that it might be able
to keep a $20 million investment--if it makes changes in
management and focuses more on its lawsuit against IBM.

Readers: The Sun-Microsoft Alliance Is Anti-Linux
Almost three quarters of respondents to our Voting Booth reader
poll said the recent alliance between Sun and Microsoft is
directed against the common enemy.

How-To: Basic Samba Configuration
Samba is popular open source software to allow Windows clients to
access files on a Linux server. Here's how to get it running.

AutoZone Asks For Delay In SCO Lawsuit
AutoZone filed a motion asking a court to delay action in SCO's
lawsuit against AutoZone, pending resolution of SCO's lawsuits
against IBM, Red Hat and Novell.

Autonomic Software Automates Patch Management

Consortium Providing Commercial BIND Support

Release Of New Java Spec May Not Be Cause For Celebration

Elections Panel Recommends Voting Machine Ban

Windows Application Compatibility Is Barrier To Linux Desktop

HP Adds To Linux Clustering Line

Legal Expenses Take Bite Out Of Microsoft's Earnings

Software Promises To Run Windows Programs On Linux Computers

Microsoft Responds To Pending EC Analysis

Sun To Upgrade Java Desktop System

IBM Supports Linux Lab At UMass Amherst

NetBeans Delivers Updated IDE

Microsoft Hires SUSE Exec Credited With Linux Win In Munich

4. VOTING BOOTH: Cast Your Vote On Open Source Java
Should Sun Microsystems release Java as open source? 


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