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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

1. Editor's Note: Division Brews At JavaOne
2. Top Linux News
3. Editor's Picks
   - Does Business Want Open-Source Java? 
   - Automaker Audi Implements Linux
   - Entry-Level Install Packager Handles Windows And Linux
   - Sun's Strategy in Need of Change
   - Do The Samba
   - Linux Emerging As A Cell Phone Platform
4. Survey: What's The State Of The IT Industry?
5. Get More Out Of Linux Pipeline

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1. EDITOR'S NOTE: Division Brews At JavaOne
At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco last week, Sun created 
a buzz among the Java community.

First, Sun ( promised 
to open-source nearly all of Solaris' popular Unix-based 
operating system this fall, including, according to an anonymous 
Sun employee, "all the rocket science." Then it also pledged to 
release the source code to Project Looking Glass, its 
next-generation 3D desktop environment, as well as several 
related technologies. 

Meanwhile, BEA Systems and IBM Corp. -- neither of which are what 
could be called 'friendly' towards Sun -- have both been calling 
for Sun to make Java open source. Although they disagree on how 
Sun should do it, they both see it as a catalyst for innovation. 
After all, Java is critical to business applications and remains 
relatively stable amidst increasing security threats and attacks. 
And having a single owner in control delivers compatibility 

Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, maybe. Many business users 
get the jitters when they think about Sun relinquishing control 
of Java ( They like 
knowing that Sun is on the job, nurturing and maintaining the 
code for the good of the community. Even Java's creator, James 
Gosling, thinks open-source supporters would rather see Sun 
retain stewardship than risk Java compatibility 

Seems there's no pleasing some folks. What's a big honking server 
maker/OS developer to do?

Sun -- not to mention its competitors -- needs to cut through the 
confusion. Dana Gardner, a Yankee Group software analyst, said 
that all three (Sun, BEA and IBM) need to explain "what they're 
doing and what the benefits are." 

Meanwhile, until all this open-source business is resolved, maybe 
everybody should switch to decaf.

Cora Nucci
Linux Pipeline

Novell Releases Mono Project 1.0
Novell's Mono Project is an effort to create an open-source 
alternative to Microsoft's .Net Framework.

Microsoft Slashes Prices As Paris Eyes Linux

Java Creator Weighs in On Open-Source Debate

Sun, Microsoft To Cooperate On Single Sign-On

Sources: Sun Plans To Open Nearly All Solaris Source Code

BEA Throws Support Behind Open-Sourcing Java

Sun Tosses Open-Source Challenge Back To IBM

Open Source Movement Gains Momentum In Asia

Microsoft To Explore Cheap Software With Asian Governments

Mandrakesoft To Buy French IT Services Firm


ANALYSIS: Does Business Want Open-Source Java?

HOW-TO: Automaker Audi Implements Linux

PRODUCT NEWS: Entry-Level Install Packager Handles Windows And 

OPINION: Sun's Strategy in Need of Change

HOW TO: Do The Samba

FEATURE:  Linux Emerging As A Cell Phone Platform

4. SURVEY: What's The State Of The IT Industry?
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