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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

1. Editor's Note: Rob Enderle Is No Bloodworth
2. Top Linux News
3. The Week's Best Stories
 - Ballmer Slams IBM, Novell Linux Initiatives
 - Sun Mulls Release Of JES Code
 - Net Integration Technologies Aims For SMB Server Market 
4. Voting Booth: Cast Your Vote On User Interfaces
5. Get More Out Of Linux Pipeline
6. Manage Your Newsletter Subscription

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1. EDITOR'S NOTE: Rob Enderle Is No Bloodworth

Carl Hiaasen's novel "Tourist Season" features a character, 
Bloodworth, who is hungry to become a newspaper columnist. He has 
written some sample columns which are wonderfully perverse, 
guaranteed to somehow manage to offend BOTH sides of several 
highly polarized issues: "Abortion: What's the Big Deal?" 
"Vietnam: Time To Try Again?" 

Analyst Rob Enderle is no Bloodworth. For one thing, he only 
manages to tick off ONE side of the Microsoft-Linux divide: the 
Linux users. In past columns, he's argued that it's a terrible 
idea for enterprises to install Linux:
He's defended the Microsoft monoculture:

And he's said Microsoft is hated because it's misunderstood:

Oh, my, do we get letters when we run Enderle's columns! Oh, 
heavens, the language some of you know!

Enderle quite simply doesn't like Linux, and he does like 
Microsoft. But Enderle is still useful to the Linux 
community--even if he doesn't mean to be--because he raises 
issues that the Linux community needs to address. 

This week, Enderle tackles why Netscape failed, why Microsoft 
succeeded, and what the Linux community needs to do to beat Microsoft:

Hint: It's not the technology, stupid. Microsoft software did not 
succeed because it's better--we all know that--it succeeded 
because the company enrolled hardware vendors, software vendors 
and enterprise users as allies, who succeeded when Microsoft 
succeeded. Netscape couldn't do those things, and so it failed; 
Linux will need to do those things to thrive. 

The main reason Enderle is no Bloodworth is because he's smart. 
We can learn a lot from our friends--but we can also learn from 
our enemies. 

We hope you learn from Enderle's columns, even if you hate them. 
And keep those e-mails coming. But remember: it's spelled 
"M-O-R-O-N." Also: "I-D-I-O-T" and "S-H-I-L-L." Even if you're 
hostile, that's no excuse for poor orthography. 

Mitch Wagner
Linux Pipeline


Investors Sue Red Hat 
Investors slapped the Linux supplier with six class-action suits 
after it said it would restate earnings and change accounting methods.

Microsoft Settles Lawsuit Against Lindows

JBoss Application Server Passes J2EE Compatibility Tests

Shavlik Tackles Linux Patch Management

Mandrakesoft Unveils Linux Update Service

Specifix Offers Automated Linux Support

Sun Mulls Release Of Java Enterprise System Code

Red Hat To Restate Financial Results

Ballmer Slams IBM, Novell Linux Initiatives

PHP 5.0 Available For Download

Firefox 1.0 Set For September

Ballmer Slams IBM, Novell Linux Initiatives
The Microsoft CEO said the Linux and SMB partner initiatives are 
dead ends for solution providers and ISVs.

Sun Mulls Release Of JES Code

Net Integration Technologies Aims For SMB Server Market

4. VOTING BOOTH: Cast Your Vote On User Interfaces
Best user interface: KDE, GNOME, Command line, other?


KDE, 56%, 436 votes out of 782
GNOME, 21%, 167 votes
Command line, 16%, 125 votes
Other, 7%, 54 votes


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