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Linux Pipeline Newsletter
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

In This Issue:
  • Editor's Note: Desktop Linux Gets Its Due
  • Top Linux News
        - StarOffice 8 Beta Set To Debut
        - Samsung Leads First Linux 3G Phone Design Effort
        - Yahoo Releases Toolbar Beta For Firefox
        - More News...
  • Editor's Picks
        - InformationWeek 2005 National IT Salary Survey
        - How-To: Installing Linux? Start Here And Stop Worrying
        - Review: Solaris 10: A Star Is Born
        - More Picks...
  • Voting Booth: Will Sun's "Linux-Killer" Draw Blood?
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    Editor's Note: Desktop Linux Gets Its Due

    LinuxWorld is upon us, and once again I'm watching from a safe distance while my colleagues risk life and limb to bring back the latest open-source news. I should have gone myself, of course, but for some reason "Boston in February" just doesn't have the same poetic allure as, say, Paris in April.

    This year, I'm watching desktop Linux-related products more closely than usual; with any luck, we'll see some interesting new products for the desktop market pop up during the week. One of the reasons why I'm following it so closely is because all of you seem to be following it closely. Like most publishers, we keep a close eye on what types of news and features are drawing a crowd--and it's hard to find a more popular topic these days than the desktop Linux market.

    If you've been watching the latest trends in mass-media hype-mongering, you know that desktop Linux has been the next big thing several times now. Usually, trends at this point will soon move on to what's known as the "Where Are They Now" stage, which is when the pundits quietly sweep their failed predictions under the rug and move on to the next attention-getting activity.

    This time, though, after more than one false start, it certainly seems as if desktop Linux is attracting more than the usual share of gawkers and tire-kickers. This is showing up in another type of content we've been doing more of lately: desktop Linux how-to content, including two articles you can find in this week's newsletter. It would be an understatement to say that I was surprised by how popular these have been--and we're more than happy to oblige with more of the same. In fact, we'll continue to run an entire series of how-to features covering desktop Linux topics over the next several months. So if you hit a snag with your new desktop Linux setup, don't get mad--get help. We'll have plenty to offer.

    Matthew McKenzie
    Editor, Linux Pipeline

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    Top Linux News

    StarOffice 8 Beta Set To Debut
    Sun Monday said that the newest edition of its alternative to Microsoft Office, StarOffice 8, will be available for downloading in a beta version on Thursday.

    Samsung Leads First Linux 3G Phone Design Effort
    The first reference design for a UMTS 3G phone based on Linux will be shown at next week's 3GSM World Congress conference.

    Yahoo Releases Toolbar Beta For Firefox
    Yahoo offers a toolbar for Mozilla Firefox, giving the open-source browser an accessory that was previously available only for Internet Explorer.

    Enterprise SATA-II Controller To Debut At LinuxWorld
    LSI Logic next week plans to unveil what it said is the industry's first enterprise-class SATA-II RAID controller.

    Microsoft Security Chief Says Windows Safer Than Linux
    Chief security officer Mike Nash cites the firm's "progress on security using any reasonable metric" and says Linux vendors deal with many more security bugs than Windows Server.

    Judge Scolds SCO For Flimsy Evidence In Lawsuit
    The judge presiding over SCO's lawsuit against IBM rules against a motion to dismiss the case but says he finds SCO's inability to produce any supporting evidence "astonishing."

    HP Board Ousts Fiorina
    Carly Fiorina is out as chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, effective immediately, the company's board of directors said in a statement issued Wednesday morning. Chief financial officer Robert P. Wayman, a 36-year HP veteran, will serve as interim chief executive.

    OSDL Ships High-Availability Linux Updates
    The Open Source Development Lab focuses on security in Data Center Linux 1.1, and the group also releases a new version of its Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition

    Linux Vendor Reaches Out To Mobile Phone Makers
    MontaVista starts a program to help hardware manufacturers create their own reference designs for Linux-based mobile phones.

    HP Ups The Linux Ante
    Hewlett Packard plans to step up its Linux assault next week with a parade of new offerings for virtually every segment of the business market.

    Editor's Picks

    Survey: What HR Won't Tell You--But We Will
    Find out how your job satisfaction and pay compare to your peers. Participate in the InformationWeek 2005 National IT Salary survey. The study, now in it's 8th year, tracks more than 20 job functions. It's fast, it's convenient and it's confidential. Click here to participate

    Installing Linux? Start Here And Stop Worrying
    Planning to install a desktop Linux distro? Our installation tips and reference guidelines will keep your penguin-powered project flying right.

    Solaris 10: A Star Is Born
    With a solid new IP stack, virtualization and developer tools, Sun's revamped OS is a superb product that still needs a few finishing touches.

    LinuxWorld: Red Hat, Novell Launch Enterprise Linux Updates
    Two enterprise Linux heavyweights will offer competing products but shared themes: security, scalability, reliability, and Linux 2.6 support.

    Download Linux, Not A Headache
    Corrupt data has ruined many a Linux installation. Here's how to find out--the easy way--if your downloaded Linux ISO is healthy and whole.

    The Root Of MySQL's Security Evils
    The recent worm attack that hit thousands of MySQL installations reflects a growing trend in the malware world. This worm doesn't exploit a weakness in the MySQL code--it exploits lazy admins who could protect themselves with one simple step.

    LAMP Vs. J2EE: A Tale Of Two Platforms
    In the first of two articles, Ross Greenberg explains what makes LAMP a bright idea for certain types of development jobs.

    Open Source Is Important--But It's Not The Point
    IBM vice president Jeff Smith explains the company's 'evolutionary approach' to opening its proprietary middleware stack.

    SPECIAL REPORT: The Firefox Guide: You Want It, We Have It
    One-stop shopping for all of your Firefox needs: Tips, tricks, extension picks, and a soup-to-nuts review of the world's most popular open-source browser.

    Voting Booth: Will Sun's 'Linux Killer' Draw Blood?

    Cast Your Vote Now!
    Sun's recent Open Solaris release has raised question about whether the company has what it takes to build the community required to guarantee its success. Will Sun's Solaris gamble pay off and take market share away from Linux? Let us know--this is the final week for the poll!

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