From:"Maguma Info" <>
Subject: Remember Update: Maguma Workbench 2.1.0
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 06:19:39 -0600 (CST)
Maguma Workbench version 2.1 is now available!

Version 2.1.0 represents the latest in the Workbench series offered by 
Maguma GmbH. This PHP IDE gives the user features like: debugging 
support via Xdebug, modular plugin architechture for easy extensibility, 
remote file editing both with FTP and SFTP. Downloadable from with a 30-day trial license. The main issues 
addressed by this release is stability, PHP5 support, and remote file 
support. With the user community promptly reporting any problems occurring 
we have been able to aggressively remove roadblocks to the efficient 
development of PHP applications with Workbench. This version also offers 
some long awaited features requested by users. 
For questions please contact:
Current members can login to download this latest version
You can find the changelog at

Maguma Workbench Version 2.1 jetzt erhältlich!

Maguma Workbench, die neueste PHP IDE mit Plugin-Architektur, ist ab 
sofort in der neuesten Version 2.1 auf unserer Webpage,, 
erhältlich (30-Tage Testversion unter zu finden). In der Version 2.1 
haben wir ein besonderes Augenmerk auf die Stabilität, neue Features und 
PHP5 gelegt. Nach der Stabilitätssteigerung, durch verschiedene 
Korrekturen haben wir Neue Funktionen hinzugefügt, wie Xdebug Support, SFTP, und 
vieles weiteres noch. Sowie haben wir nun Maguma Workbench in 
englischer und deutscher Sprache verfügbar.
Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben schreiben Sie uns an
Sie können die neuesete Version von Maguma Workbench 2.1 unter downloaden
Im folgenden haben wir Ihnen einen Großteil der Veränderungen 

Maguma Workbench versione 2.1 scaricabile!

Abbiamo aggiornato Maguma Workbench, la nuova ambiente con architettura 
modulare di sviluppo per php, nella versione 2.1, scaricabile dal 
nostro sito,, e sulla pagina abbiamo messo a disposizione una 
versione trial (30 giorni). I vantaggi principali di questa nuova 
versione di Maguma Workbench 2.1 sono la correzione di bugs, l´aggiungimento 
di nuove funzionalitá, ed il supporto di PHP5. 
Scaricate l´ ultima versione dalla pagina 
Se avete ulterioe domande scriveteci a
Sotto abbiamo elencati diversi cambiamenti alla versione Maguma 
Workbench 2.1.0:

Changelog Maguma Workbench -> 2.1

* Added localization capabilities, initial supported languages are 
English and German 
* Added support for SFTP in both "Open from ..." dialog and the remote 
* Added the new style selection widget for highlight token settings 
* Added the "Insert PHP Block" function to the main menu 
* Added the cursor color, function insight colors, and gutter colors to 
the Global colors section 
* Added "Add watch" to the editor popup menu 
* Added "Toggle Breakpoint" to the editor popup menu 
* Added "Remove watch" to the debug watch window right-click menu 
* Added the "Stack Trace" notebook panel to the Debug window 
* Added popup menu to the directory panel of the File Manager, allows 
making local directories and renaming 
* Added the ability to wrap code snippets around selected text if the 
snippet contains the "" token 
* Added the "In Selection" option to the Find dialog to search only in 
the current text selection 
* Added the ability to use localized PHP help files by changing the 
language token in the options 
* Added "Global Variables" section to the Class Browser 
* Added support for PHP5 classes with private, protected and public 
* Added Javascript keywords for syntax highlighting 
* Added the "Run to Cursor" functionality for the debugger 
* Added "Run and redirect" option to the Run menu allowing the user to 
automatically redirect script output to a local file 
* Added the <CR> to search combo in the toolbar so that the search is 
automatically performed 
* Added the ability to set the debugger port used by Workbench, when 
using CGI parsing it will automatically override the php.ini setting for 
* Added HTML automatic code-completion 
* Added the option for disabling the code-completion for HTML tags and 
* Added the ability to add remote files to a Project 
* Added "Find Matching Brace" functionality from Studio 
* Added the "Script Parameters" for external viewing 
* Added the MouseDwell action for viewing Function Insight 
* Added the ability to rename remote files via the Remote Browser tool 
* Added a save position function to the current file when closing 
Workbench, next execution will position cursor at the last location in the 
current file 


* Changed the settings section of "ftpservers" to "remoteservers" to 
support both FTP and SFTP
* Separated the Projects in the Workspace into single files 
* Workbench now remembers the local files that were open from the last 
exit and will reopen them 
* All breakpoints in all open files are now set when debugging 
* New default icon set designed
* Rearranged the gutters to position the code-folding icons away from 
the line-selection area 
* Redesigned the Options panel for Extensions, allows  the user to set 
the default extension for an extension group and also the default group 
to show when viewing the open file dialog 
* Updated HTML help file HTML 4.01 
* Updated CSS help file to CSS2 
* Disabled floating tool window support until the Docking library can 
be replaced 
* Changed the behavior of the Help window so that it can be open but 
will not stay on top of Workbench frame 
* Snippets sections dropdown now remembers previous selection 
* Enabled all Toolkit modules for the Linux build 
* Upgraded the communication to Xdebug by converting to the DBGp 
messaging protocol 


* Moved highlight token settings, keywords and examples into the 
highlighters.xml file


* Fixed the "Live update" functionality of the Regular Expression 
helper dialog 
* Fixed the problem with the debugger not honoring any breakpoints set 
in the current file 
* Fixed include file parsing and support function insight 
* Fixed a problem with extension groups being duplicated 
* Fixed the positioning of the Interactive PHPDoc comment panel so that 
it will move above or below the current function declaration depending 
on screen size 
* Fixed debugging when using a webserver for parsing PHP scripts 
* Fixed the Class Wizard to properly handle PHPDoc comments 
* Fixed numbered bookmarks so they can be toggled off
* Fixed the Messages window so that it will use the system colors 
instead of being limited to black on white 
* Fixed the Function Insight to be closed when the mouse moves out of 
the editor panel 
* Fixed the Child elements in the Code toolbar

Make it Your Workbench!
Your Maguma Team

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