Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 00:50:46 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Contacting members of NWCLUG

    My name is Michael Raby, and I am a member of the Phoenix Linux 
User Group
in Arizona.  I am, also, affiliated with a software company that is 
a piece of software for Linux users.  This company is in the beta 
stage with this software, and they are asking for Linux users help.  On 
website they have a link for downloading the beta version.  They are 
for those interested in trying this new software to download it and run 
it for
a couple of days/weeks till they get a feel for it.  Then they are 
asking if
the user could fill out a survey giving their opinion on the product.  
all the testing is complete this software is going to be sold, so they 
offering a free copy of the software to anyone who tests the software 
fills out the survey.  

    I am writing you to ask if you think any members of your Linux user 
would be interested in helping out with the testing of this software, 
if you
would be so kind to pass on this information to the group.  The website 
the software is:

The link for beta tester is on the top of the page just right of 

                                        Thank You in Advance,

                                         Michael C. Raby

About the software:

  Fab4linux is a new way to browse the desktop of your favorite linux
system. When the program is running it will give you a GUI at the 
bottom of
your screen, which will allow you to browse your computer by using the
keyboard.  It is fully configurable, giving you the option of what each 
does what.  It supports full macros.  For instance, you can set it up 
to have
'k' open your web browse, so when the program is running all you have 
to do is
press 'k', and it will open up the web browse you programmed in.  It, 
allows you to browse documents and directories quickly using single 
keys on
the keyboard, and you could open up the documents in the same way.  It 
is a neat program, and they company would linux users opinion on what