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This week, Compare IT focuses on managed VPN services. Research and
get quotes on service offerings from vendors including Exodus,
Netifice, SAVVIS and Touch America. Plus, we invite you to test your
knowledge of Web services description language with our latest

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In This Issue:
1)  Compare IT: Managed VPN Services
2)  TechQuiz: Web Services Description Language
3)  Daily Blog
4)  Interactive Buyer's Guide: Firewalls for the SOHO Environment
5)  On the Network
6)  Research Toolkit: Latest White Papers, E-Book and Analyst Brief
7)  Top Stories
8)  Security Alert: Cross-Site Tracing
9)  Latest IT Pro Downloads: Text2Web 2.2.2; FAQGenie 1.2.1
10) Subscription Information

1) Compare IT: Managed VPN Services
A fully managed VPN service provides secure communications to all
remote locations, bypassing the need for expensive leased-line
networks. Using a managed service can cut costs; you won't need an
in-house network security team. Compare and get quotes on the services
of Exodus, Netifice, SAVVIS and Touch America!

2) TechQuiz: Web Services Description Language
If you think you know your way around WSDL (Web services description
language), try to outsmart our editors. Get all the answers right, and
we'll throw your name in the hat for a drawing to receive a nifty
Network Computing collectible.

3) Daily Blog
a) SQL Saphhire: Woe to Those Who Don't Patch
"A massive worm attack using Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 surfaced over
the weekend. It's a nasty worm; reports on various lists claim packet
loss on NAPs (network access points) reaching 90 percent. Those of you
who don't manage Microsoft SQL servers but were hit by this worm
should be annoyed at your colleagues who didn't stay on top of patches
or properly manage and maintain your company's servers."

b) There's Penguins Everywhere...
"Is your organization still pretending that Linux is not a force in
the IT marketplace? We've said it before. The Penguin is coming."

4) Interactive Buyer's Guide: Firewalls for the SOHO Environment
For SOHO environments, every connection to the Internet is a potential
point of entry for intruders. Use our interactive tool to secure
remote sites both from outside attacks and from acting as a backdoor
into your central site.

5) On the Network
a) Project Web Services
Stop by our project Weblog to download, evaluate and comment on the
WSDL files Network Computing Technology Editor Lori MacVittie intends
to use in her Web services review. Plus, check out her test criteria
for management and deployment.

b) Shop Talk: Project Web Services: Can They Cut the Mustard?
Join Lori MacVittie as she takes the Web services testing plunge,
giving today's solutions top-notch scrutiny. Ask Lori questions on
test criteria, plans, methodology and product selection.

c) Tech Library Spotlight: Analysis of Purchasing an Audio/Web
Conferencing Platform vs. Outsourcing Conference Bridging Services
Let the experts at Sonexis show you the benefits of purchasing and
maintaining an in-house conferencing platform as opposed to relying on
an outside service provider. Read how these solutions offer a quick
ROI, greater security and significant, on-going, monthly cost savings.

For in-depth market research and analyst reports, look no further than
the Network Computing Market Research Library. Here you'll find
thousands of reports from the leading research firms.

d) Top 11 List
Tell us the Top 11 signs your ISP has given you up to the RIAA as a
dangerous Kazaa user. If you make us laugh, we'll publish your answer
in an upcoming issue of Network Computing. Here are a few indicators
to get your creative juices flowing:
* You hear strange clicks in the background while listening to Robbie
Williams songs.
* You find that your playlist is now organized by record label.

e) This Week at Network Computing
Brad and Mike breathe life (or something like it) into the weekly
radio show with a look at the best misuses of technology. Plus,
they'll bring you an insider's look at this week's industry happenings
overlooked by the traditional media.

f) IT Minute
If you're unlucky enough to be stuck anywhere north of Florida this
week, don't worry. Our intrepid Technology Editor Ron Anderson is on
hand in Disney World, attending Lotusphere. So stop by our Radio page
to stream his complete show report later this week.

g) Outlook: Partly Sunny?
We've heard whispers that the IT employment scene is starting to warm
up in some parts of the country. Do you agree? Where are the jobs?
What are the hot specialties and certifications? Write the Career
Coach at:

Read more Career Coach articles.

h) Peerstone ERP Survey: Attention Oracle 11i ERP Users or Potential
Are you using or evaluating Oracle 11i or considering an upgrade from
earlier versions? Then we want to talk to you. Peerstone Research, in
collaboration with InformationWeek, Optimize and Network Computing, is
conducting an in-depth study of ERP projects at large and midsize
organizations. Our focus is the benefits and pitfalls of "business
process computing." Last April, we published a groundbreaking report
on user experiences with the leading ERP vendors. Qualified
respondents will receive a free copy of this report upon completion of
the new questionnaire as well as the complete results of the new
survey when they are available.

Take the Peerstone ERP survey today.

The first 100 qualified respondents will also have a chance to win
$2,500 in gift certificates.

6) Research Toolkit: Latest White Papers, E-Book and Analyst Brief
White Papers and E-book:
a) Network Management for Wireless Data Collection Applications
A Psion Teklogix White Paper
Published: Oct. 1, 2002
This paper describes the importance of network management as it
relates to wireless LANs--specifically in data collection
applications. The importance and benefits of network management are
tangible and well documented in the networking world. This paper
focuses on the special needs of a WLAN and the key benefits that
network management for WLANs brings to managers and users of data
collection systems.

b) Object Data Management for Network Management Systems
An eXcelon Corp. White Paper
Published: Aug. 5, 2002
This paper is intended to aid network technology professionals and
technology managers in understanding the importance of Object
databases and the development problems solved by ObjectStore in
creating the next generation of network management applications. This
paper describes how object data management technology is used to
address some of the inherent difficulties in creating today's network
management applications.

c) Network Management
An Alcatel White Paper
Published: Aug. 1, 2002
Manually managing a large enterprise network would require network
managers to fly all over the country--or the globe--to configure every
device in the network. Fortunately, today's network management
technology allows management from one location. This paper teaches you
about network management technologies that make configuring and
monitoring today's large networks possible.

d) Tips and Tricks Guide to Network Configuration Management
An AlterPoint E-Book
Published: Nov. 1, 2002
This e-book presents tips and tricks for four related network
configuration management topics--change management best practices,
network management security, network management troubleshooting and
change management techniques. Top industry network managers reveal
their secrets and "must dos" to successfully manage enterprise
networks. You'll get step-by step advice on "what to do" and "how to
do it," ensuring optimal performance of your enterprise networks.

Analyst Brief:
The Value of Secure Network Administration
An IDC Analyst Brief
Published: Sept. 10, 2002
This brief considers the value of secure network management. IDC
believes that more cost-effective network management can be achieved
by embedding security mechanisms directly within the network
management systems themselves. This brief examines problems presented
as a result of network device misconfiguration and offers some
solutions for controlling and locking down network integrity. Finally,
IDC presents Gold Wire Technology's "Formulator" network configuration
control appliance as an example of a readily available solution.

For more white papers, case studies and product information on network
management go to:

For more white papers, case studies and product information on network
management Software go to:

7) Top Stories
What were readers perusing last week on the Network Computing Web
site? Here's a list of our hottest articles.

a) Feature: Secure to the Core
(Jan. 23, 2003)
Computer-related crime is spiraling up, while information security
budgets are holding flat. The good news is you don't need a more
expensive security setup; you just need a more efficient one. A
holistic, asset-centric approach can help.

b) Feature: Tactical Security 101
(Jan. 23, 2003)
Need a barricade between attackers and assets? First, get your
fundamental information security building blocks--antivirus software,
patch-management products, vulnerability-assessment tools and
firewalls--in place. Then heed our tips for making it all work.

c) Review: Life in the Really Fast Lane
(Jan. 23, 2003)
Desperate for network speed? If you can swing the cost, consider
10-Gigabit Ethernet switches. We pitted Extreme's BlackDiamond against
Foundry's BigIron. BlackDiamond won by a nose, but the performance and
interoperability of both products impressed us.

8) Security Alert: Cross-Site Tracing
An interesting new attack vector was published. Based on cross-site
scripting, the new 'cross-site tracing' (XST) uses a Web server's
TRACE method to access a user's cookies and authentication
information. The net result: HTTP servers that allow TRACE requests
are open to cross-site scripting regardless of any CGIs/scripts on the
Web server. You can read more about this attack at:

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free
Security Alert Consensus newsletter today.

9) Latest IT Pro Downloads: Text2Web 2.2.2; FAQGenie 1.2.1
We've made it easier and quicker for you to locate IT Pro Downloads'
shareware, freeware and other applets from any location on
Just type a keyword into the IT Pro search box, and you'll be amazed
at the vast collection of apps that will spring up before your eyes.

a) Text2Web 2.2.2
Text2Web converts text documents to HTML format. It has integrated
clipboard support, so Web authors can include snippets of text
(formatted or unformatted) in their Web pages, and it operates in
command-line, batch or interactive mode.

Download at:
Size: 658k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Freeware

b) FAQGenie 1.2.1
This tool takes the hassle out of writing and maintaining Web site
FAQs. Simply enter your questions and answers, arrange them according
to your preferences and select a suitable layout, and with one click
you'll have a professional looking FAQ page.

Download at:
Size: 797k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Shareware; $35

Find more shareware, freeware and demoware products, ready for
immediate download.

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.


Network Computing Online Reader Survey
Are you satisfied with the features our Web site has to offer? Network
Computing's online team needs your help. Please take a few minutes to
complete our short questionnaire. Your responses and suggestions will
help us improve the functionality of

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