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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

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This week, Compare IT focuses on network and service management.
Research and get quotes on products from Hewlett-Packard, Aprisma,
Harris and Opticom. Plus, don't miss your last opportunity to take
our backup and recovery TechQuiz.

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and check back often for IT news and views.

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In This Issue:
1)  Compare IT: Network Management
2)  TechQuiz: Backup and Recovery
3)  Editor's Survey: Desktop Management
4)  NWC Weblogs:
    NWC Inc.: Back on Track
    NWC Goes to School: Finally...Summer!
5)  Tech Library Toolkit: "Rich Interaction with Content"
6)  On the Network:
    NWC Radio: IT Minute
    Top 11 List
    Reality Check: What Can Web Services Do for You?
    Network Computing Survey: Privacy Legislation
    NETSEC '03
7)  Top Stories:
    Review: "iSCSI Adapters"
    Workshop: "The New Face of Authentication"
    Buyer's Guide: "Linux Distributions"
8)  Security Alert: Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel 
9)  Latest IT Pro Downloads:
    Internet Connection Counter 5.2-Eng
    PDF-Security 1.0
10) Subscription Information

1) Compare IT: Network Management
Network and service management products help monitor and maintain
your hardware, which in turn lets you keep an eye on all local- and
wide-area traffic. Compare and get quotes from Hewlett-Packard,
Aprisma, Harris and Opticom.

2) TechQuiz: Backup and Recovery
It's your last chance to show off your data backup and restore
know-how. If you can outsmart our editors, we'll enter your name into
our drawing for a $250 Best Buy gift certificate, compliments of our
sponsor, Dantz Development Corp.

3) Editor's Survey: Desktop Management
We're putting together a desktop management solution review, and to
help Mike DeMaria (the author of that review) solidify his thinking
and approach to testing, we would like to ask for your advice and
thoughts. Please take a moment to fill out this confidential survey.
Thank you for your help.

4) NWC Weblogs
a) NWC Inc.: Back on Track
Well, reinstalling fixed my authentication problem with the CRM app.
I was able to turn IIS authentication back on and viola! Instant
sign-on. Phew!

b) NWC Goes to School: Finally...Summer!
I'm done! Do you understand how exciting it is for the year to be
over? It's so great to be back home in Silicon Valley. As of right
now, I'm updating my resume. After I'm done with that, I'm going to
make a trip to the library to get some C++ books.

Be sure to check out our other blogs:

Project Weblog: Web Services

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Project Weblog: Wi-Fi Hotspots

The Daily Blog

5) Tech Library Toolkit; Editor's White Paper Pick
Visit Network Computing's Tech Library for the latest technical
information on today's key IT issues, including network security,
mobile & wireless, streaming media and more. Peruse vendor white
papers, analyst reports and Webcasts as well as the most recent
industry research findings.

Get the latest papers via our RSS feed.

Here are this week's hottest white paper feeds:

a) St. Bernard's iPrism: Maximizing Simplicity, Reliability and
Performance in Web Filtering
By using iPrism, companies, government agencies and schools can
enhance user productivity, reduce liability and optimize network
bandwidth usage--all with a low total cost of ownership and maximum
--St. Bernard Software

b) IBM Tivoli License Manager Demo
Are you looking to save costs by eliminating unnecessary software
licenses? See how IBM Tivoli License Manager can help you optimize
your IT environment's software license management to deliver real
business value.
--IBM Tivoli

c) Software Solutions to Help Integrate the Extended Enterprise
This brochure describes IBM solutions for business integration,
including how the platform independence of WebSphere software allows
companies to integrate new and legacy applications as well as creates
a consistent computing environment that supports businesses.
--IBM WebSphere

d) Determining the Availability and Reliability of Storage
Many configurations for storage are available, from direct attach
storage to clusters to storage area networks.
--Dell Computer Corp.

e) Business Portals: Unlock the Door to Greater Profitability
Business portals provide quick access to the data, applications and
services that people need to do their work--via an ordinary Web
--Microsoft Business Solutions Inc.

f) What is New in IBM Lotus Sametime 3.0? Lotus 24x7 Webcast, IBM
Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing
This presentation demonstrates and discusses Sametime's three basic
concepts (presence awareness, conversation and Web conferences).
--IBM Lotus

Editor's White Paper Pick
In today's economy, the ability to access and utilize the most current
information from disparate sources is vital to the success of your
business. Read this Inxight Software paper, "Rich Interaction with
Content," to learn how new technologies such as categorization,
visualization, entity extraction, summarization and search enhancement
help you quickly find, understand and utilize relevant information
when, how and where you need it to drive informed business decisions
and add millions to the bottom line.

Access more white papers, case studies and product information related
to search engines at the Network Computing Tech Library.

6) On the Network
a) NWC Radio: IT Minute
Go behind this week's feature story on security policy-monitoring
solutions with Technology Editor Mike Fratto and find out why BindView
came out on top in his tests. Plus, you'll learn which product should
have won and which products to look for in the coming year.

b) Top 11 List
We're looking for the Top 11 excuses for doing a Case Mod on your
corporate mail server. Make us laugh, and we'll publish your entries
in print and online. Here are a couple of hints to get you started:
--The blue neon glow scares away foraging animals.
--You just can't go wrong with 16 120mm cooling fans.

c) Reality Check: What Can Web Services Do for You?
Need help with your Web services rollout? Grab your RealPlayer and
tune in to hear Lori MacVittie's live presentation from
Networld+Interop. You'll get a grip on core and emerging standards as
well as learn how to put Web services to work solving enterprise
application integration issues. Plus, you'll gain hands-on advice for
administering a Web-services-centric network.

d) Network Computing Survey: Privacy Legislation
We value your opinion! Network Computing editorial needs your help for
our upcoming special issue on current and impending privacy
legislation and what IT managers will need to know to keep their
companies in the government's good graces.

e) Register Now for NetSec '03 June 23-25 in New Orleans!
Join the Computer Security Institute and 1,500 security professionals
June 23-25 at NetSec 2003, the premier conference devoted to network
security. Over 90 sessions cover many topics, including:
--Wireless and Remote Access
--Intrusion Detection and Forensic Investigation
--Cryptography and E-Commerce
--Management and Awareness
--Special Introductory and Technology Tracks

Find out more.

Register for free NetSec exhibition pass.

View NetSec program.

7) Top Stories
What were readers perusing last week on the Network Computing Web
site? Here's a list of our hottest articles.

a) Review: iSCSI Adapters
(May 15, 2003)
Storage vendors are taking the plunge into iSCSI, but CPU utilization
is a big concern. Adaptec's 7211C adapter floats to the top for its
consistent performance and competitive price.

b) Workshop: The New Face of Authentication
(May 15, 2003)
There's a certifiably better way to block intruders from your network:
IEEE 802.1x, a low-overhead authentication standard that's catching on
fast, especially for wireless LANs.

c) Buyer's Guide: Linux Distributions
(May 15, 2003)
We examine such key Linux distribution factors as hardware, software
and technical support, management and training. Follow a process of
elimination to select the vendor that best satisfies your needs.

Join other NWC readers in discussing these articles.

8) Security Alert: Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel
The Linux 2.4 kernel contains a denial of service whereby a remote
attacker can send particular IP packets that cause the host to consume
an abnormal amount of processing time because of inefficient hash
balancing in the route table. This vulnerability is confirmed.

Source: VulnWatch, Red Hat, EnGarde (SF Bugtraq)

For information regarding the list of Linux vendor patches for
vulnerabilities previously reported in the Security Alert Consensus
newsletter, see the following:

Source: Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, Conectiva, EnGarde, Immunix

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free
Security Alert Consensus newsletter today.

9) Latest IT Pro Downloads: Internet Connection Counter 5.2-Eng;
   PDF-Security 1.0
We've made it easier and quicker for you to locate IT Pro Downloads'
shareware, freeware and other applets from any location on
Just type a keyword into the IT Pro search box, and you'll be amazed
at the vast collection of apps that will spring up before your eyes.

a) Internet Connection Counter 5.2-Eng
This program displays various statistics about your Internet dial-up
and GPRS connections.

Download at:
Size: 296k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Shareware; $18.75

b) PDF-Security 1.0
PDF-Security lets you protect your PDF files against unauthorized
access and encrypt them.

Download at:
Size: 387k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Commercial Demo; $19

Find more shareware, freeware and demoware products, ready for
immediate download.

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

This issue is sponsored by Business Objects
Does Your Business Intelligence Deployment Turn Data into Knowledge & 
A FREE InformationWeek Editorial Webcast on Business Intelligence - 
April 16, 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST
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