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Subject: Was the WSIS really an uncivil dud?
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:30:54 -0500
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January 14, 2004

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Who's to say what was more uncivil about December's WSIS meeting in 
Geneva, Richard Stallman's sticking his tongue out when taking his 
security ID photo, or those who sought, and succeeded in, muddying the waters 
against official support of Open Source/Free Software?

Evan Leibovitch, president of the Linux Professional Institute, lets 
you decide, in his thought-provoking post-mortem of the December summit 
in Geneva. 

Meanwhile the irony about governments and the glacial speed of UN 
bodies to endorse Open Source as a way to achieve the goals of a truly 
global information society becomes clear this week in our companion piece 
about the current wave of Open Source/Free Software research. Let the 
anti-Open Source lobbyists take up bats, hammers, and any other objects 
that go smash in the night, the momentum and energy of the global Open 
Source community is deafening. And influential organizations are 
supporting research to find out more. 

Check out the current run of important studies that move on up from 
philosophical tracts to reports with quantifiable answers about how Open 
Source developers work, why they work, what they contribute, and their 
links with vendors. 

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