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This week, Compare IT focuses on IP-PBXes. Research and compare product
offerings from 3Com, Avaya, Cisco and Nortel. Plus, there's still time
to outsmart our editors. Try your hand at our special Linux TechQuiz

Help the InformationWeek editors! Our sister publication is conducting
its annual IT salary survey, so chime in on your compensation package.
You'll find more details in our On the Network section.

And don't forget to check out our editors' hot white paper pick of the
week, "CommuniGate Pro Messaging Platform Transforming E-mail and

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In This Issue:
1)  Compare IT: IP-PBXes
2)  The Daily Blog
3)  Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot White Paper Pick: CommuniGate 
                  Messaging Platform Transforming E-mail and 
4)  On the Network:
                  Top 11: Survivor Wannabe
                  NWC Project: Linux A-List
                  IT Minute: Linux in the Enterprise
                  TechQuiz: Linux
                  NWC Complete
                  InformationWeek Salary Survey
5)  Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
6)  Upcoming Events
7)  NWC Pipelines
8)  Top Stories:
                  Feature: Linux Special: Inside Linux
                  Feature: Linux Special: Where Does Linux Fit?
                  Feature: Linux Special: Linux on the Inside Track
9)  Security Threat Watch: Two Check Point Vulnerabilities
10) Latest IT Pro Downloads:
                  Webroot MyDoom Remover 1.1;
                  Small HTTP server 3.04 3.04.10
11) Subscription Information

1) Compare IT: IP-PBXes
Choosing an IP-PBX solution can help your organization save money on 
telephone system. Compare and get quotes from 3Com, Avaya, Cisco and

2) The Daily Blog
a) DDOS: Who Pays the Price?
The FBI, of course, is after the pimply-faced teenager responsible for
the lost revenue and increased ISP traffic charges. But as a post on
Kuro5hin points out, the government should perhaps look at the service

b) How I PC'd an Apple G5...What Really Happened
For those of you shocked, horrified and outraged by last week's little
"how-to" on ripping out the innards of a brand new Apple G5 to make way
for (oh no!) some Intel hardware, rest easy.

c) A Penny for Your E-Mail?
Earlier this month in Switzerland, Mr. Gates pronounced the impending
demise of Spam, promising a two-year countdown to spam-free
communications. Cryptic at the time, it now seems that the chairman has
a cunning plan.

Find more blogs and blog entries here.

3) Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot White Paper Pick
Visit Network Computing's Tech Library for the latest technical
information on today's key IT issues, including network security,
mobile & wireless, streaming media and more. Peruse vendor white
papers, analyst reports and Webcasts as well as the most recent
industry research findings.

Get the latest papers via our RSS feed.

Editors' Hot White Paper Pick: CommuniGate Pro Messaging Platform
Transforming E-mail and Calendaring
With e-mail the preferred method of business communication, choosing a
mature and complete e-mail server is a mission-critical decision. Learn
how Stalker Software's CommuniGate can help you achieve a competitive
advantage, improve profitability and lower cost of ownership.

Access more white papers, case studies and product information on 
Software in the Network Computing Tech Library.

4) On the Network
a) Top 11: Survivor Wannabe
This week, we're looking for the Top 11 reasons no one from IT will 
be invited onto Survivor. Make us kick over our lean-to made out of
boar's hair, and we'll post your entry and name in print and online.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
--Superior intellect, cool gadgets? It would just be too easy....
--"Oh no, I'm not going to slog through the mud with a Dual Pentium!"

b) NWC Project: Linux A-List
Still searching for the perfect Open-Source application for your
data-center-centric Linux server? Then today is your lucky day. Our
Linux A-List, compiled and maintained with recommendations by
Contributing Editor Don MacVittie, has tons of handy info.

c) IT Minute: Linux in the Enterprise
Brad Shimmin and Don MacVittie, the author of our cover story, go 
the scenes of this issue's special Linux coverage. So grab your
RealPlayer and get the inside scoop as the guys chat about which
applications you'll need to put Linux to work in your organization.

d) TechQuiz: Linux
How savvy are you when it comes to Open Source and Linux? Find out with
our latest TechQuiz. If you best our editors and get all the answers
right, we'll throw your name into the hat for a very cool prize.

e) NWC Complete
Readers rule! If you want to work with our reviews, workshops and
columns on your terms, subscribe to our site via our partner, 
You can aggregate, stream or download and store your favorite Network
Computing stories. Try it out via a free, 14-day trial.

f) InformationWeek Salary Survey
Are you satisfied with your current compensation package? The editors 
InformationWeek magazine invite you to participate in their seventh
annual National IT Salary Survey. It's fast. It's convenient. It's
confidential. And you can win cash prizes if you respond by March 1,
2004. (Grand Prize $1,000!) To participate:

5) Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
Network Boot from Image: I have 10 to 12 machines that do not contain
removable media devices. There are two local hard drives. The primary
hard drive is a 2GB Flash drive. There is a secondary spinning drive
(IDE) on them. They are basically interface panels for a machine. We 
trying to embed Windows XP on these machines so that we can decrease
boot time and increase available processor usage, etc.

I found a way to distribute Windows XP embedded using Remote
Installation Services on Windows 2000 server. If both hard drives were
to fail, since they're in such harsh environments, is there a way to
boot from a centralized image on a server so that nothing is stored
locally? Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this?

View all Forums.

6) Upcoming Events
a) InfoSec World 2004
Type: Tradeshow
Date; Location: March 22-24, 2003; The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL
In its 11th year, InfoSec World remains the defining event for
information security. Leading information security professionals,
industry experts and top product vendors make InfoSec World a regular
stop to explore real-world strategies and cutting-edge techniques
necessary to secure critical data, reduce risk and strengthen systems.
The conference will feature more than 80 sessions addressing key
industry issues including Web services security, the latest in hack
tools and spyware, network mapping, wireless forensics, risk 
event correlation and VPNs, among others.

For more information and to register.

Or call: 508-879-7999

b) Enterprise Networks 2004
Network Computing, in conjunction with Network Magazine, is proud to
announce Enterprise Networks 2004. Providing the extended vision and
practical guidance required to successfully design enterprise networks
today and tomorrow, Enterprise Networks 2004 is the ultimate 
experience for anyone responsible for designing, implementing and/or
administering enterprise networks.

For more information.

To register.

For more NWC Events.

7) NWC Pipelines
a) Security Pipeline: Meet Mydoom
(Feb. 3, 2004)
Mydoom: billions of dollars in damages, hundreds of thousands of
machines hit and millions of e-mails infected--all within days.

Read more Security Pipeline articles.

b) Linux Pipeline: Extremist Linux Advocates Doing More Harm Than Good
(Feb. 2, 2004)
Foul language, abuse and threats brought by angry Linux advocates could
be giving a good operating system technology a bad name.

Read more Linux Pipeline articles.

c) Networking Pipeline: Enterprise Purchases the Key to 'Recovery'
(Feb. 4, 2004)
It might not be the news everyone wants to hear, but it's the truth: It
ain't a recovery until enterprise buyers say so. Cisco CEO John 
admitted as much yesterday, tempering the news of a decent fiscal
quarter with caveats about "cautious" enterprise CEOs.

Read more Networking Pipeline articles.

Discover other NWC Pipelines:

ITUtility Pipeline.

Mobile Pipeline.

Server Pipeline.

SmallBiz Pipeline.

Storage Pipeline.

Keep abreast of today's networking news with NWC's NetNews. Plus,
get more technology-specific news from our Pipelines. We'll keep you
informed and in the know.

8) Top Stories
What were readers perusing last week on the Network Computing Web
site? Here's a list of our hottest articles.

a) Feature: Linux Special: Inside Linux
By Lori MacVittie
The Penguin is taking the IT world by storm, offering enterprises an
alternative to high-priced Unix and Windows systems. We examine Linux
from top to bottom.

b) Feature: Linux Special: Where Does Linux Fit?
By Don MacVittie
To help determine whether Linux has a role in your organization, we 
through the areas where the OS excels and where you should exercise

c) Feature: Linux Special: Linux on the Inside Track
By David Joachim
Making the switch to Linux can be an ideological decision. For carmaker
Audi, it's a practical move that's calculated to pay off.

Join other NWC readers in discussing these articles.

9) Security Threat Watch: Two Check Point Vulnerabilities
Last week, there  were two significant Check Point vulnerabilities. One
involves the Check Point FireWall-1 HTTP Application Intelligence proxy
module and the other involves the Check Point VPN-1 server and client.
Check Point users definitely should take note and follow up.

Check Point FireWall-1: HTTP proxies remote format string

Check Point VPN-1: server and client ISAKMP large certificate remote

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10) Latest IT Pro Downloads: Webroot MyDoom Remover 1.1;
      Small HTTP server 3.04 3.04.10
a) Webroot MyDoom Remover 1.1
Webroot MyDoom Remover quickly scans your system to detect and remove
the MyDoom worm, also known as MyDoom/W32.Novarg.A@mm and
WORM_MIMAIL.R. This lightweight, downloadable application runs without
installing any components on your system and passes results of the scan 
to a
Web-root-hosted Web page.

Download at:
Size: 386k
Platform: Windows 2000
Licensing: Freeware

b) Small HTTP server 3.04 3.04.10
This utility turns your computer into a fully functional Web server. It
includes Proxy, FTP, POP3, Real SMTP and DNS servers as well as
full-detail statistics.

Download at:
Size: 87k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Shareware; $35

Find more shareware, freeware and demoware products, ready for
immediate download.

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

Check out the Business Insight Center and find in-depth 
features, timely news stories, and white papers on knowledge 
management, search engines, CRM, and ERP. Realize gains
like streamlined operations, more efficient use of resources,
and a higher ROI.


11) Subscription Information
Important subscription contacts:
600 Community Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030

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