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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

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This week, Compare IT focuses on load balancers. Research and compare
product offerings from Extreme, F5, Nokia and Radware. Plus, we've got 
new TechQuiz this week. Tickle your wireless fancy and see if your 
savvy outsmarts our editors. You'll find more details in our On the
Network section.

And don't forget to check out our editors' hot white paper pick of the
week, "TCO: Benefits of Comprehensive, Real-Time Gateway Security."

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In This Issue:
1)  Compare IT: Load Balancers
2)  The Daily Blog
3)  Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot White Paper Pick: TCO: Benefits
                  of Comprehensive, Real-Time Gateway Security
4)  On the Network:
                  NWC Remote Headline Viewer
                  Tech Library on Tap
                  Your Linux A-List
                  Top 11: Comcast to Buy Disney?
                  TechQuiz: Wi-Fi Antennas
5)  Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
6)  Upcoming Events
7)  NWC Pipelines
8)  Top Stories:
                  Feature: Linux Special: Total Linux: Novell and Red
                  Review: Linux Special: Red Hat Scores with RHEL 3.0
                  Workshop: Linux Migration: Are You Experienced?
9)  Security Threat Watch: Windows NT and 2000 Source Code Leak
10) Latest IT Pro Downloads:
                  WinPDF 1.00;
                  MessagePopup II 3.5
11) Subscription Information

1) Compare IT: Load Balancers
Load balancers can help increase your Web site's performance. Check out
Compare IT's list of top vendors and their products. Find the unique
solution your company needs and get quotes from companies including
Extreme, F5, Nokia and Radware.

2) The Daily Blog
a) We're All in This Together
Apparently, for the techno-savvy among us, those who fell prey to the
MyDoom Worm deserve more than what they got--if the recent NY Times
article reflects any sort of reality.

b) X-Ray Penguin Wallpaper
>From our current special issue on Linux, you may have noticed a 
see-through penguin image on the cover. Well, our kind illustrator has
given me the green light to create a set of wallpapers for your

c) Overheard: Darl McBride
SCO's CEO, Darl McBride: "I wasn't brought in to have warm fuzzies with
Slashdot," he said. "I was brought in to increase shareholder value."
Well, at least that's sorted out.

Find more blogs and blog entries here.

3) Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot White Paper Pick
Visit Network Computing's Tech Library for the latest technical
information on today's key IT issues, including network security,
mobile & wireless, streaming media and more. Peruse vendor white
papers, analyst reports and Webcasts as well as the most recent
industry research findings.

Get the latest papers via our RSS feed.

Editors' Hot White Paper Pick: TCO: Benefits of Comprehensive,
Real-Time Gateway Security
This white paper presents the TCO (total cost of ownership) benefits of
Fortinet's FortiGate Antivirus Firewall systems for delivering
comprehensive security at the network gateway.

Access more white papers, case studies and product information on
Firewall Appliances in the Network Computing Tech Library.

4) On the Network
a) NWC Remote Headline Viewer
Organize your browsing and impress your friends with our new remote 
reader. Download a few lines of JavaScript, and you can now integrate
Network Computing reviews, features and the like right into your Web
server or a local HTML document.

b) Tech Library on Tap
Quickly scan the latest white papers and research reports via our new
Tech Library content feed. You can browse via the Web for either new or
technology-specific documents. Or you can simply scan everything from
the comfort of your own RSS reader.

c) Your Linux A-List
If you liked Don MacVittie's list of top Linux software for the
enterprise, we invite you to add your own pick to our list. Whether 
open source or licensed code, name your favorite and tell us about its
pros and cons.

d) Top 11: Comcast to Buy Disney?
Embrace the terror and send us your submission for the Top 11 Comcast
plans for Mickey Mouse. Make us sound strangely like Daffy Duck, and
we'll publish your entry in print and online. Here are a couple of 
to get you started:
--Well, someone's got to lay cable.
--At last, a decent anchor for the Comcast network news.

e) TechQuiz: Wi-Fi Antennas
Sort your high- from your low-gain with our latest quiz on wireless
equipment. If you can best our editors and get all the questions right,
we'll throw your name into the hat for a very cool prize.

5) Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
Windows XP Simple File Sharing: We have about 150 new workstations
running Windows XP. We're having a problem with the simple file-sharing
feature. The sharing and security tabs are present in the file/folder
properties, so I know at least some part of the simple file sharing is
not enabled, but we are still getting some signs that it is enabled. 
not sure where to go from here.

View all Forums.

6) Upcoming Events
Enterprise Networks 2004
Network Computing, in conjunction with Network Magazine, is proud to
announce Enterprise Networks 2004. Providing the extended vision and
practical guidance required to successfully design enterprise networks
today and tomorrow, Enterprise Networks 2004 is the ultimate 
experience for anyone responsible for designing, implementing and/or
administering enterprise networks.

For more information.

To register.

For more NWC Events.

7) NWC Pipelines
a) Mobile Pipeline: How-To: Data Synchronization Basics
Efficient and secure data synchronization is an essential part of
mobilized applications. Here's how to get started.

Read more Mobile Pipeline articles.

b) Security Pipeline: MyDoom Marches On
A new MyDoom variant reminds us of not only how quickly a threat can
evolve, but also the sheer breadth of challenges enterprise security
professionals face.

Read more Security Pipeline articles.

c) SmallBiz Pipeline: Consumers, Home Users Embrace Wireless
The market for wireless LANs grew significantly last year, indicating a
rise in home networking as consumers look to share broadband Internet
connections among multiple computers.

Read more SmallBiz Pipeline articles.

Discover other NWC Pipelines:

ITUtility Pipeline.

Linux Pipeline.

Networking Pipeline.

Server Pipeline.

Storage Pipeline.

Keep abreast of today's networking news with NWC's NetNews. Plus, get
more technology-specific news from our Pipelines. We'll keep you
informed and in the know.

8) Top Stories
What were readers perusing last week on the Network Computing Web
site? Here's a list of our hottest articles.

a) Feature: Linux Special: Total Linux: Novell and Red Hat Pave the Way
By Jonathan Feldman
Pioneer Red Hat and savvy investor Novell have different approaches, 
together they're leading the charge to bring Linux to the
enterprise--from the data center to the desktop.

b) Review: Linux Special: Red Hat Scores With RHEL 3.0
By Christopher T. Beers
A multitude of enhancements make Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0 a natural
for the data center, but licensing and support issues could hinder
widespread adoption.

c) Workshop: Linux Migration: Are You Experienced?
By Jonathan Feldman
Migrating to Linux requires hands-on experience your Windows admins may
not have. Look to those familiar with the command-line interface, like
switch and router experts, for help.

Join other NWC readers in discussing these articles.

9) Security Threat Watch: Windows NT and 2000 Source Code Leak
The leak of Windows NT and 2000 source code onto the Internet, thereby
allowing the source code to fall under the scrutiny of inquisitive 
was confirmed. Shortly after the general public announcement of the
leak, a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in Internet Explorer
version 5.x was found using the leaked source code as a guide. It is
likely that we will see more Windows vulnerabilities come to light as
further scrutiny occurs.

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free
Security Threat Watch newsletter today.

10) Latest IT Pro Downloads: WinPDF 1.00; MessagePopup II 3.5
a) WinPDF 1.00
This PDF creation software installs a virtual printer named Easy PDF
Creator, which enables users to create PDF files and convert existing
documents into PDF format though the print command.

Download at:
Size: 738k
Platform: Windows 3.1 or later
Licensing: Freeware

b) MessagePopup II 3.5
MessagePopup II is a feature-rich instant LAN messenger that also
includes a diary, an alarm and an icon window. It lets you change your
user name as well as attach files.

Download at:
Size: 1200k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Freeware

Find more shareware, freeware and demoware products, ready for
immediate download.

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

This issue sponsored by Mobilized Software. 
Get the practical strategies, real-world case studies
And trusted roadmaps for mobile and wireless 
Visit Mobilized Software: 
The Ultimate Source for Mobile and Wireless. 
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