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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

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Here's what's cooking at this week:

1)  Compare IT: Firewall Products
2)  The Daily Blog
3)  Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot Webcast Pick: An Innovative
     Platform for Integrating People with Business Processes
4)  On the Network:
     TechQuiz: Storage
     Top 11: Version 2.0
     Linux A-list Submissions
     Mars Rover Control
     X-Ray Linux Penguin on Your Desktop
     Enterprise Networks 2004
5)  Secure Enterprise Magazine
6)  Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
7)  Storage Pipeline
8)  Top Stories:
     Review: Performance Management Software
     Workshop: Smart Antennas
     Sneak Preview: Avocent LongView
9)  Security Threat Watch: RealSecure/BlackICE: SMB Processing Remote
     Heap Overflow
10) Latest IT Pro Downloads:
     enVivo!CMS Classic 3.52
     Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 3.4
11) Subscription Information

1) Compare IT: Firewall Products
Firewalls can safeguard your network's critical data from today's
unwanted intruders. Research and get quotes from top security companies
including Cisco, Nokia, Nortel and WatchGuard.

2) The Daily Blog
a) Bidding for Nothing
Proving that there's not enough sunlight to go around Albany, NY, in
winter, one of the local residents has posted an auction on eBay this
week for "Absolutely Nothing." That's right. Nothing.

b) Nuclear Power Makes You "Smerter"
Conventional wisdom says people who work in nuclear power are smart.
But employees at one nuclear power company are about to get a whole
lot smarter.

Find more blogs and blog entries here.

3) Tech Library Toolkit; Editors' Hot White Paper Pick
Visit Network Computing's Tech Library for the latest technical
information on today's key IT issues, including network security,
mobile & wireless, streaming media and more. Peruse vendor white
papers, analyst reports and Webcasts as well as the most recent
industry research findings.

Get the latest papers via our RSS feed.

Editors' Hot Webcast Pick: An Innovative Platform for Integrating
People with Business Processes
View this Webcast to see how an organization can respond to market
dynamics faster as well as how it can extend the value of existing IT
investments and meet future business needs. Learn how IBM's WebSphere
Portal framework enables easy access to people, information and 
processes and how to apply it to fit specific industry or business

Access more white papers, case studies and product information on
Portals Application Software in the Network Computing Tech Library.

4) On the Network
a) TechQuiz: Storage
Test your iSCSI and fibre channel know-how with our latest quiz. If you
can best our editors and get all the answers right, we'll throw your
name into the hat for a free, three-month "Plus" subscription to
NewsGator's Online Services (a $59.85 value).

b) Top 11: Version 2.0
There's still time to send us your nominations for our current list,
"Top 11 good things about being named 'Version 2.0.'" Here are a few
ideas from your fellow readers to get you started.
*You can use the phrase "New! And Improved!" in your resume. --Bob
*None of the pressure to perform like Version 3.0, but more stable than
Version 1.0. --James Braja

Plus, if you liked our current "Top 11 reasons to outsource on Mars"
list, we invite you to don your NASA-approved space gear and check out
our gravity-enhanced collection of reader submissions for more Martian

c) Linux A-List Submissions
Thanks to all of those who submitted their recommendations for our 
A-List. We've compiled the cream of the crop thus far, but there's
always room for more entries. So let us know which Linux applications
have found their way into your heart and enterprise.

d) Mars Rover Control
It looks like our inventive technology editors are at it again. This
time, they've hacked a working connection to both Mars Exploration
Rovers. Instead of toying around with remote Lego bots in someone's
backyard, you can now actually pilot either Spirit or Opportunity, 
on Mars. So grab your joystick and let's go Roving!

e) X-Ray Linux Penguin on Your Desktop
You may have noticed a certain see-through penguin on the cover of our
Linux special issue. Well, our kind illustrator has given us the green
light to create a set of wallpapers for your desktop and/or 
Just pick your screen resolution and download away.

f) Enterprise Networks 2004
Network Computing, in conjunction with Network Magazine, is proud to
announce Enterprise Networks 2004. Providing the extended vision and
practical guidance required to successfully design enterprise networks
today and tomorrow, Enterprise Networks 2004 is the ultimate 
experience for anyone responsible for designing, implementing and/or
administering enterprise networks.

For more information.

To register.

For more NWC Events.

5) Secure Enterprise Magazine
a) From the Top: Deciphering the Business of Security
By Brooke Paul
When you're in tune with business objectives, it's easier to select
which metrics you need to capture and report.

b) All The Rage: Gone Phishing
By Robert G. Moskowitz
Spam has recently taken an even nastier, more expensive turn: phishing.

c) All The Rage: A Defense for Buffer Overflows
By Peter Morrissey
Microsoft's Service Pack 2 for XP promises to mitigate buffer overflow
problems on all compatible hardware with its NX (No Execute) feature.

d) Rev Tracker: Your Guide to New Versions of Essential Security
By Patricia Thomas
In this edition we look at: ForeScout's WormScout; Novell's
BorderManager 3.8; SecurityProfiling's SysUpdate Police Compliance and
Enforcement; Sourcefire's Real-Time Network Awareness; AppGate Network
Security's Security Server 6; Neon Software's LANSurveyor 8; and PC
Guardian's Notebook Guardian Expansion System.

Read more from Secure Enterprise magazine.

6) Current Forum Threads: Ask the Experts
E-mail Appliances/Gateways: I'm looking for some feedback about e-mail
appliances/gateways. Basically, I'd like to dump the traditional server
with Exchange or whatever running on it for a single appliance that
serves up mail. Anyone have any suggestions?

View all Forums.

7) Storage Pipeline
a) Self-Describing Data
By Jon William Toigo
With storage costs under the microscope, efficient capacity utilization
is critical. That's where data naming--or Self-Describing Data--comes 

b) Storage Consolidation
By Joe Hernick
Consolidating storage can mean zero downtime, lower costs and decreased

c) EMC's Information Life-Cycle Management
By Art Wittmann
EMC's recent software company buying binge--Legato Systems, Documentum
and VMware--signals a new direction for this storage infrastructure
powerhouse: information life-cycle management.

8) Top Stories
What were readers perusing last week on the Network Computing Web site?
Here's a list of our hottest articles.

a) Review: Performance Management Software
By Sean Doherty
A system-performance manager can provide a complete overview of how 
OS and apps affect system resources like memory and storage. We tested
five products; Quest's full-featured Foglight shined.

b) Workshop: Smart Antennas
By Dave Molta
Better wireless performance and broader coverage are in store.

c) Sneak Preview: Avocent LongView
By Lee Badman
Introducing the industry's first wireless KVM device.

Join other NWC readers in discussing these articles.

9) Security Threat Watch: RealSecure/BlackICE: SMB Processing
   Remote Heap Overflow
This week's most notable bugs include a remote buffer overflow in the
Windows SMB protocol processing done by various RealSecure and BlackICE
IDS installations. Shops (particularly ISPs and virtual hosting
providers) using FreeBSD's jail features also should look into the
announced bug, which allows a jailed process to affect other jails.

For more information:

RealSecure/BlackICE: SMB processing remote heap overflow

FreeBSD: jailed process can access other jails (FreeBSD-SA-04:03.jail)

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free Security
Threat Watch newsletter today.

10) Latest IT Pro Downloads: enVivo!CMS Classic 3.52; Clever
    Internet ActiveX Suite 3.4
a) enVivo!CMS Classic 3.52
enVivo!CMS Classic is a Web content management system for Active Server

Download at:
Size: 106000k
Platform: Windows 2000
Licensing: Commercial Demo; $199

b) Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 3.4
Clever Internet ActiveX Suite v 3.4 allows you to download, upload and
post Internet resources asynchronously as well as obtain all related
information without interfering with main application processes.

Download at:
Size: 1123k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Commercial Demo; $49.99

Find more shareware, freeware and demoware products, ready for
immediate download.

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

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and services that build business justification for 
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13) Subscription Information
Important subscription contacts:
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Manhasset, NY 11030

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