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Subject: Network Computing Online #2.53 -- NWC Networld+Interop Extravaganza
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

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Here's what's cooking on NWC Online this week!

1) NWC Networld+Interop Extravaganza
       - 10th Annual Well-Connected Awards
       - Reality Check Series
2) YackITyYack
       - Special TechQuiz: Web Maintenance
       - Top 11 List
       - Last Mile: Tradeshow Edition
       - The Daily Blog: N+I Highlights!
       - Ask the Experts: Best Configuration for Home Network
3) NWC Project: Spam Filters Exposed
       - Special Report: Top 10 No-Nos in Evaluating Spam Solutions
       - IT Minute: Inside the Mind of an AntiSpam Reviewer
       - Spam Cost Calculator
       - TechQuiz: Handling Spam
4) Coming Events
       - "Meeting the Power Challenges of the 21st Century Datacenter"
       - "Network Infrastructure Requirements for Converged Networks:
          a New Enterprise Network Framework Emerges"
       - Patch Madness Webinar
5) Editors' Picks
       - Database Pipeline Debuts
       - IONA Promotes SOAs in Developer Community
       - Linux Emerging as a Cell Phone Platform
       - Webinar: Combating Spam and Improving Productivity
6) Download Mania
       - Webroot Spam Shredder 1.4
       - FTP Cafe 1.43
7) Eye on Security
       - Alertcon: IE Version 6.0.2800/Remote Attacker to Overwrite
          a User's Registry
       - Security Threat Watch: Remote Buffer Overflow in Apple File
8) Dare to Compare
       - Compare IT: VPN Gateways
9) Subscription Information

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1) NWC Networld+Interop Extravaganza

a) 10th Annual Well-Connected Awards
If you missed last night's 10th Annual Well-Connected Awards ceremony,
don't worry. We highlight the winners and finalists of the best 
reviewed in our labs throughout the past year. Find out which products
received top accolades from our editors.

b) Reality Check Series
If you're unable to attend N+I this year, fear not. We have our 
Reality Check presentations available online. Check out discussions of
their test methods and results from such recent Network Computing
reviews as Web services security, antispam technologies and desktop

Plus, be sure to check out our Daily Blog throughout the week for
on-site reports, photos, interviews and other highlights, direct from
the show floor in beautiful Las Vegas.

2) YackITyYack

a) Special TechQuiz: Web Maintenance
Welcome to Phase 2 of our special Web Analytics TechQuiz Triathlon
dedicated to our upcoming Web Analytics review. If you can outsmart
Bruce Boardman and get all the answers correct, we'll put your name
into the hat to win a copy of MarketingSherpa's "Buyer's Guide to Web
Analytics," a $199.00 report Good luck!

b) Top 11 List
It's your last chance to submit to our current call for the "Top 11 IT
skills you should never employ in real life." Make us proud, and we'll
publish your entry in print and online. Here are some choice entries
from your fellow readers to help you get started.
* Rebooting users with that hidden button on the back of their heads.
(Doug Olson)
* Telling the cop the reason you were speeding was because your car has
a higher QoS. (Dominic Vadakkan)

c) Last Mile: Tradeshow Edition
By Bradley F. Shimmin and Tim Wilson
In this edition: Things you don't want to hear at conferences while
waiting on line and a tradeshow dialog.

d) The Daily Blog: N+I Highlights!
1. New Product Sightings from N+I
Day one is not just about languishing in how-to sessions,
birds-of-a-feather meetings and long lines at the Hilton Benihana.
There's some real product action going on already. Here are a few
press releases that have caught our attention so far today:
- Oridus Introduces the SpaceCruiser
- Enterasys Releases Matrix N-Series Switches
- Force10 Networks Unveils the Force10 Management System (FTMS)

2. Networld + Interop Is Here!
Our crack team of IT pros has hit the floor in Las Vegas, looking for
vendor hubbub and techno happenings. We'll bring you timely analysis 
unguarded opinion throughout the week. Plus, you'll be able to stream
random show audio as well as in-depth how-tos from our Reality Check

3. N+I Day One: The Hotel
By Bradley F. Shimmin
After dodging a 30,000-foot thunderstorm over Atlanta (btw, with enough
fuel, you can confuse big clouds by circling them many, many times), I
arrived in Las Vegas and snuggled into the cozy Hard Rock Hotel. Here's
a view from the "please-don't-jump" balcony, highlighting the extensive
HVAC units atop the casino/mosh pit as well as the hotel's signature 
Paul guitar.

e) Ask the Experts: Best Configuration for Home Network
I have a cable modem in my four-floor house. Each floor has three to
five computers. The cable modem is in the basement. What would be the
best configuration for a home network? What are the pros and cons of
each setup?

Check out our other forums.

3) NWC Project: Spam Filters Exposed

We're pleased to bring you our newest installment of NWC Project, Spam
Filters Exposed. Over the next two weeks we'll bring you a number of
special reports and tools to compliment our deep review of antispam
solutions. This week, we've got two streaming audio presentations, an
extra-tough TechQuiz and an interactive Spam Cost Calculator. We hope
you enjoy them.

a) Special Report: Top 10 No-Nos in Evaluating Spam Solutions
Tune in to our special RealPlayer stream with NWC Lab Director Ron
Anderson to learn how you can avoid the top 10 pitfalls of stamping
out spam within your organization.

b) IT Minute: Inside the Mind of an AntiSpam Reviewer
Find out what it takes to combat spam at your office with our inside
look at Ron Anderson's review of antispam solutions and why spam
spending is an easier sell than even security. Plus, learn the
connection between product evaluation and obscure world literature.

c) Spam Cost Calculator
Use our spam calculator to estimate the total cost of spam for your
organization. Just input the number of employees, their average salary
and the number of spam messages received each day, and you can view the
costs in productivity, storage, management and downtime. The code is
compliments of Barracuda Networks (a participant in our spam review).

d) TechQuiz: Handling Spam
Spam costs enterprises thousands in lost productivity and jams up vital
communications pipelines. Test your knowledge of beating this beast 
our latest quiz. If you can outsmart our editors and get all the 
right, we'll throw your name into the hat for a free NWC mug and/or
subscription to our online syndication service.

And be sure to mark you calendars for May 18 and 20 at 12:30 PM ET, 
our intrepid Lab Director, Ron Anderson, will be hosting live chats.
Join in and post your most pressing antispam questions.

4) Coming Events

a) "Meeting the Power Challenges of the 21st Century Datacenter"
We're pleased to bring you an InformationWeek and Powerware Corp.
TechWebCast exploring the development of the next-generation of power
protection systems. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 19, 2004,
9:00 AM PT/11:00 PM CT/12:00 PM ET.

b) "Network Infrastructure Requirements for Converged Networks:
a New Enterprise Network Framework Emerges"
Attend this free, online seminar on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at 11 AM ET.
Networking authority Nick Lippis moderates this session produced in
association with Network Magazine.

For more information and to register. Please use priority code CMPF5.

c) Patch Madness Webinar
Are you overly familiar with the 'patch and pray' model of mitigation?
We all know that the timelines between vulnerability releases and worm
outbreaks are shrinking. The question becomes: What do we do about it?

Please join our next NeoCast, on Thursday, June 17 at 12 PM ET, as we
discuss our observations on the patch management space and explore how
several organizations are dealing with the patching nightmare. Answer a
few questions below, and we'll contact you with instructions on how to
attend this NeoCast.

5) Editors' Picks

a) Database Pipeline Debuts
Our latest Pipeline site delivers current news, trends, advice and
product information about databases and database-related technology.

Here's a sample:
Clearing Database Network Clogs
(April 29, 2004)
Fine-tuning your database applications with an eye toward network
performance pays off handsomely.

b) IONA Promotes SOAs in Developer Community
(May 6, 2004)
IONA Technologies unveiled a developer program to help enterprises move
from traditional legacy application integration methodologies to those
based on Web services and a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

c) Linux Emerging as a Cell Phone Platform
(May 3, 2004)
Cell phone managers are looking to Linux to fill the need for more
sophisticated software that's not attached to major vendors like
Microsoft and Nokia.

d) Webinar: Combating Spam and Improving Productivity
(May 13, 2004)
Are you constantly fending off annoying and malicious spam and wasting
valuable time? If so, join this Internet Security Systems Webinar to
learn how Proventia Mail Filter can help you stay ahead of the threat 
improving employee productivity, enforcing your corporate Internet
Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and increasing security to combat e-mail

See all new white papers, Webcasts, case studies and product 
in the Network Computing Tech Library.

6) Download Mania

Select files from IT Pro Downloads.

a) Webroot Spam Shredder 1.4
Spam Shredder instantly detects and configures Outlook, Outlook Express
and Eudora e-mail accounts. Its intelligent learning engine reduces the
time users need to spend sorting through messages by gathering 
each time a subscriber decides to keep or delete suspected spam.

Download at:
Size: 8890k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Shareware; $19.95

b) FTP Cafe 1.43
FTP Cafe is a simple and quick FTP client for updating Web sites. Just
enter server name, user name and password for any file transfer without
complex option.

Download at:
Size: 175k
Platform: Windows 95, 98 or NT
Licensing: Shareware; $16

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

7) Eye on Security

a) Alertcon
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800 could allow a remote
attacker to overwrite a user's registry. By creating a specially 
Web page that uses the onLoad and window.location methods to invoke a
'file://' URL that contains a hexadecimal, URL-encoded drive name, a
remote attacker could overwrite the ECX, EDX and EDI registers once the
victim visits the malicious Web page.

For more information.

b) Security Threat Watch
The largest vulnerability this week involves a remote buffer overflow 
the Apple File Server for various flavors of Mac OS. The advisory
indicates that remote exploitation is relatively easy.

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free Security
Threat Watch newsletter.

8) Dare to Compare

Compare IT: VPN Gateways
Virtual private networks are a cost-effective alternative to 
dedicated networks. Compare products and get quotes from these top
companies: Cisco, Nortel and WatchGuard.

9)  Subscription Information

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feel free to message us directly if you have any comments or
questions (

Important subscription contacts:
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