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Subject: Network Computing Report #355 -- Managing Your Web Services
Network Computing Report #355
Monday, June 14, 2004


Focus on... Storage Networking
Want to learn more about Storage Networking?  
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Adaptec White Paper:  Disk-to-Disk Backup: 


In This Issue:

1) NWC Online Survey
2) Reviewed
          - Managing Your Web Services
          - XS40 XML Security Gateway 3.0 Ups the Ante
          - Quick Takes: Helpdesk Software
          - Transformational BPO
3) Reader Reverb
          - TechQuiz: Storage Technologies
          - Top 11 List
          - CEO Minute: BMC Software
          - NWC Lab Cam
          - Daily Blog: Your Own Private RSS Feed
4) Your Monday IT Briefing
          - Iomega Debuts Small NAS Hardware
          - Solaris Gets Shanghai Surprise
          - Give Your Data Warehouse a Makeover
          - Tech Trends
5) Know-How
          - Workshop: Web Services Security
          - Buyer's Guide: HIPAA Compliance
6) Opinion
          - BuzzCut: AntiSpam Laws Getting Tougher
          - BuzzCut: Cisco Continues Wi-Fi Market Domination
          - FUDBusters: Microsoft Pre-Installs ISA
          - Down to Business: Linux, Technological Innovation and
          - Letters: Chewing Out Spam
7) Coming Events
          - Patch Madness Webinar
          - 2004 JavaOne Conference
8) CMP MarketPlace

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1) NWC Newsletter Survey
The NWC Web team is always working to improve our newsletters, but we
need your help. Please take a few minutes to answer our short survey. 
return, we'll throw your name into the hat for a stainless steel NWC
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2) Reviewed
a) Review: Managing Your Web Services
By Lori MacVittie
You've implemented Web services, but you still need to get a handle on
them. Find out which management package has all the tools you need to
ensure everything runs as planned.

b) Sneak Preview: XS40 XML Security Gateway 3.0 Ups the Ante
By Lori MacVittie
DataPower's gateway accelerates XML processing and makes it easier to
enforce security policies.

c) Quick Takes: Helpdesk Software
By NWC Editors
In this edition we look at UniPress Software's FootPrints 6.5,
Software602's 602LAN Suite 2004, Adtran's NetVanta 5305 and Symantec's
Enterprise Firewall 8.0.

d) Transformational BPO
Most business process outsourcing deals involve offloading 
tasks. But transformational BPO yields breakthrough organizational
changes. Find out how it's done in the June issue of Managing Offshore
(subscription required -- sample issue available).

3) Reader Reverb
a) TechQuiz: Storage Technologies
There's still time to test your knowledge of today's storage
technologies with our latest quiz. If your iSCSI karate is better than
ours, we'll throw your name into the hat for a free NWC mug and/or
subscription to NewsGator's Online Services.

b) Top 11 List
This week, we're looking for the "Top 11 least effective IT pick-up
lines." Make us chuckle more than moderately and we'll post your item 
print and online. Here are a couple of ideas to get things started.
--Do you 01100011 01101111 01101101 here often?
--My other workstation is a liquid-cooled Apple G5.

c) CEO Minute: BMC Software
Tune in as Bruce Boardman talks IT and business alignment issues with
Mary Nugent, vice president and general manager of Service Management
Solutions for BMC Software. Find out how Mary's IT clients justify and
prioritize their businesses' most important projects.

d) NWC Lab Cam
Back by popular demand -- and a little technological luck -- is our
Syracuse Lab cam. Now you can check in on your favorite editors as they
slog cable, heft servers and type madly, all from the comfort of your
own cubicle.

e) Daily Blog: Your Own Private RSS Feed
I was reading through Cory Doctorow's treatise (lifehacks) on the 
and efficiency of all things ASCII last night, and I felt like a drunk
wandering into an AA meeting. I am not alone in my habit of dumping
"everything" into one massive file in my efforts to stay organized.

4) Your Monday IT Briefing
Here are some of the must-read news stories we're following this week.

a) Iomega Debuts Small NAS Hardware
Iomega recently rolled out two models of an entry-level network 
storage device the San Diego-based storage vendor is targeting at small
and midsize businesses, remote offices and corporate workgroups.

b) Solaris Gets Shanghai Surprise
Sun promises a new Java Desktop and RFID software and takes early steps
in making Solaris open source.

c) Give Your Data Warehouse a Makeover
Here's how to conduct regular check-ups on your data warehouse and
business intelligence environment.

d) Tech Trends
Find out which technologies North America's top solution providers are
selling and recommending these days.

You can find links to these and other breaking news stories organized 
technology via our handy NetNews Service.

5) Know-How
a) Workshop: Web Services Security
By Lori MacVittie
XML-based Web services are subject to the same attacks that exploit 
We'll show you how to batten down the hatches.

b) Buyer's Guide: HIPAA Compliance
By Sean Doherty
Protecting health-related data is the law. Here are the tools you'll
need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

6) Opinion
a) BuzzCut: AntiSpam Laws Getting Tougher
By Ron Anderson
Spammers are heading to jail; the antispam technology market is
consolidating; and standards are improving. Are spam-less days ahead?

b) BuzzCut: Cisco Continues Wi-Fi Market Domination
By Dave Molta
Smaller Wi-Fi companies want a piece of the wireless market. Can they
wrench it from the ever-popular Cisco?

c) FUDBusters: Microsoft Pre-Installs ISA
By Curtis Franklin Jr.
The Redmond giant plans to sell its upcoming Internet Security and
Acceleration server preinstalled on hardware.

d) Down to Business: Linux, Technological Innovation and Originality
By Rob Preston
How much innovation must be wholly original and how much comes from
natural adaptation and evolution.

e) Letters: Chewing Out SPAM
Our May 13th issue cover story (With a Mouth Full of Chewed-Up Spam)
caused quite a stir. Also, document management software.

7) Coming Events
a) Patch Madness Webinar
Are you overly familiar with the 'patch and pray' model of mitigation?
We all know that the timelines between vulnerability releases and worm
outbreaks are shrinking. The question becomes: What do we do about it?

Please join our next NeoCast, on Thursday, June 17 at 12 PM ET, as we
discuss our observations on the patch management space and explore how
several organizations are dealing with the patching nightmare. Answer a
few questions below, and we'll contact you with instructions on how to
attend this NeoCast.

b) 2004 JavaOne Conference
Java technology is everywhere. Your source for cutting-edge knowledge
and proven solutions is the JavaOne Conference from June 28 to July 1 
the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Register now and save. Use 

8) CMP MarketPlace
* * * It's been called an "ENTERPRISE SNIFFER ON STEROIDS" * * *
NetIntercept® with Rapid Event Analysis helps info security
professionals cope with a barrage of firewall and IDS alerts.
Investigate critical alerts, recover from attacks, audit usage,
and quickly resolve network security events.
Learn about Network Forensics Analysis at:

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Focus on... Storage Networking
Want to learn more about Storage Networking?  
Check out these sponsored links from Adaptec.
Adaptec White Paper: iSCSI SAN ROI: 
Adaptec White Paper:  Disk-to-Disk Backup: 


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