Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:22:59 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Network Computing Online #2.69
-- Network Computing Online #2.69 --
Your Online IT Resource
Tuesday, August 31, 2004


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Here's what's cooking on NWC Online this week!

1) NWC Channels
      - Security Channel: When Hashes Collide
      - Storage Channel: Is That a Mandrake in Your Pocket?
2) YackITyYack
      - Special NWC Guide to CheapWare
      - Top 11
      - IT Minute: Cisco on Wireless
      - CEO Minute: Overland Storage
      - TechQuiz: Affordable IT
      - Last Mile: Bad Patents
      - Intelligent Enterprise Readers' Choice Awards
      - Ask the Experts: Winrunner 7.5 with Delphi Add-in
3) Calling All Readers
      - Quick Poll: Google, Evil?
      - Talk with Network Computing
      - Performance Monitoring Survey
4) Editors' Picks
      - WS-I Addresses Web Services Attachments Interoperability
      - PoE Reduces Cabling Costs, Improves Administration
      - Review: Linux for Startups
      - Breaking the Battery Bottleneck
      - Featured White Paper: Reducing the Cost of Ownership of PC
5) Download Mania
      - Spy-Ad Exterminator
      - Paessler Site Inspector 3.2
6) Eye on Security
      - Alertcon: Cisco
      - Security Threat Watch: Cisco's Secure ACS Authentication System
7) Coming Events
      - ARMA 2004
      - TECHXNY
      - CSI Annual Computer Security Conference & Exhibition
      - Intelligent Performance Conference & Expo
8) Subscription Information

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September 7, 2004!


1) NWC Channels

a) Security Channel: When Hashes Collide
Compliments of the Security Threat Watch newsletter: The security
industry was abuzz last week with news that collisions--when two
different messages result in the same hash--have been discovered
in the SHA and MD5 cryptographic functions.

Read more from our Security Channel.

b) Storage Channel: Is That a Mandrake in Your Pocket?
Per a news article on CINet today, if you've got an extra 200 bucks and
a penchant for Mandrake Linux, LaCie has got a USB drive for you. Based
on the GlobeTrotter device, LaCie's mobile hard drive comes loaded with
Mandrakelinux 10.0, the complete OpenOffice suite and a few other nifty
Linux apps from Novell.

Read more from our Storage Channel.


2) YackITyYack

a) Special NWC Guide to CheapWare
You don't have to break the corporate bank to put together a 
arsenal of IT software utilities. Let our editors show you which
freeware, shareware and OS they recommend for IT chores ranging from
task scheduling to remote backup and restore.

b) Top 11
This week, we're on the lookout for the "Top 11 'MacGyver' methods for
restoring power to the server closet." Thanks to Erik Dauplaise for 
idea. Make us injure a lower intercostal muscle, and we'll publish your
submission in print and online. Here are a couple of ideas to get you
--Three words: Benjamin, Franklin and kite.
--Use napping CTO as human potato battery.

c) IT Minute: Cisco on Wireless
Tune in to hear Senior Technology Editor Dave Molta's recent interview
with Bill Rossi, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Wireless
Networking business unit to find out how the company intends to fight
through bureaucratization, a high-priced perception and proprietary
technologies in its drive to create market-leading wireless gear.

d) CEO Minute: Overland Storage
Grab your RealPlayer and listen to Brad Shimmin interview Overland
Storage's President and CEO, Christopher Calisi. You'll find out how
Overland is looking to create a bridge between online and offline
storage. Plus, you'll learn why Chris firmly believes tape will never 
the way of the 8-track.

e) TechQuiz: Affordable IT
This time out, we invite you to test your IT business savvy. Try your
hand at our latest quiz on cheap technologies and products. If you can
outsmart our editors, we'll throw your name into the hat for a free NWC
collectible pen/stylus. Note that no rolls of duct tape were injured in
the creation of this quiz.

f) Last Mile: Bad Patents
By Bradley F. Shimmin and Tim Wilson
This edition: The top 11 worst patents imagined by IT professionals; IT
uses for used yogurt lids; and the retro Encabulator.

g) Intelligent Enterprise Readers' Choice Awards
Intelligent Enterprise readers have voted: Microsoft dominates, and
readers contradict buzz. Here are the winners across 24 strategic
business application categories.

h) Ask the Experts: Winrunner 7.5 with Delphi Add-in
I am using the Delphi add-in for my Winrunner 7.5, but Winrunner still
isn't mapping a GUI correctly. For instance, the menu items are mapped
as "item_0." Plus, not all the menu items are mapped. Is there a
solution to this problem?

Check out our other Forums.


3) Calling All Readers

a) Quick Poll: Google, Evil?
Given recent questions over just how much personal data Google tracks,
do you believe Google as a public company will hold true to its 
tenet of "do no evil"?

b) Talk with Network Computing
We'd like to talk with you, our dear readers, not via a cold e-poll but
over the telephone to understand how we can build the next-generation 
of We'll be brief and considerate of your time, of
course. What we're after is a short discussion, where you tell us 
most important to you online. Just let us know if you're interested, 
our editor will call you at your convenience. Please note that we will
not use your information for any other purpose than to contact you
regarding this effort. Thanks very much in advance for your help. In
exchange for your time, we'll send you a collectible chrome pen/stylus
emblazoned with the Network Computing logo.

c) Performance Monitoring Survey
Network Computing's editorial team needs your help. A future issue of
the magazine will feature an in-depth look at performance monitoring.
The data we collect will be an important part of the upcoming issue.


4) Editors' Picks

a) WS-I Addresses Web Services Attachments Interoperability
The Web Services Interop