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Happy New Year from the Network Computing Online Team! We hope you
enjoyed the holidays.

Here's what's cooking on NWC Online this week!

1) The Daily Blog: ACME 2005
2) YackITyYack
    - Last Mile: Mis-Predictions for '05
    - Letters: By the Numbers
    - Blog Awards Bookmarks
    - Security Expert Series
3) Calling All Readers
    - Network Magazine's Innovation Awards
    - Best Top 11 Vote
    - TechQuiz: Who's the Smartest Geek of 2004?
    - Call for Entries: 2005 Predictions
4) Editors' Picks
    - Blogs, Wikis and Photoblogs Testify to Tsunami Disaster
    - Symantec's Symantec Enterprise Architecture
    - Playbook: Intelligent Application Integration
    - Linux 2.6.10 Kernel Hits the Street
    - Featured White Paper: Best Practices for Securing Your Enterprise
5) Download Mania
    - mNotes (Windows Mobile)
    - Windows System Optimizer 2.0
6) Eye on Security
    - Alertcon: Oracle Vulnerabilities
    - Security Threat Watch: phpBB worm
7) Coming Events
    - Enterprise Mobility: Strategies for Developing a Wireless
    - Enterprise Infrastructure: Dealing with the Dynamics
8) Subscription Information


1) The Daily Blog: ACME 2005

With NWC's Survivor's Guide to 2005 issue hot off the presses, I wanted
to pass on details as to what we are focusing on at ACME in the IT shop
for 2005. We have some big multi-year projects still ongoing and some
things we started in 2004 as well as new projects for 2005. In the 
we made the mistake of approaching budgeting as a "wish list" and then
figuring out if we had the staff to execute the projects. This year, we
took a more realistic approach. Keep reading to see what amazing things
we have planned for 2005.

Read more entries from The Daily Blog.


2) YackITyYack

a) Last Mile: Mis-Predictions for '05
Edited By Bradley F. Shimmin and Tim Wilson
This edition details the Top 11 misguided IT predictions for 2005, the
Cyborg Name Generator and's "dope"-y mistake.

b) Letters: By the Numbers
In this edition, Reality IT columnist Hunter Metatek explains how he 
his staff obtained the stats needed to persuade management to hire more
workers. Plus, NWC reader Dan Razzell comments on our Firefox Quick

c) Blog Awards Bookmarks
Looking for the best independent tech blogs of 2004, or perhaps simply
the best IT news and opinions? Look no further than our special guide 
the best of the best blog submissions from our recent 2004 Readers
Choice Awards. You can browse online or download your own OPML list and
blog away.

d) Security Expert Series
Get up to speed quickly with our first Expert Series dedicated to
security. We'll show you how to read and collect metrics, manage
patches, detect anomalies and even secure databases and desktops.


3) Calling All Readers

a) Network Magazine's Innovation Awards
Vendors, now is the time to nominate your best products and
technological innovations from 2004. Our editors will then select the
Most Influential Innovation, Best Value, and Most Visionary Innovation
across 10 technology categories. Good Luck! To nominate a product, 
enhancement, or technology demonstrated or released in 2004 for a
Network Innovation award, visit:

b) Best Top 11 Vote
Now that 2004 has come to a close, we invite you to cast your vote for
the year's best Top 11 list. Was it Steve Balmer's secret iPod music
stash, the many ways a Roomba robotic vacuum could improve your IT
department or the best 'MacGyver Methods' for restoring power to the
server closet? Cast your vote today.

c) TechQuiz: Who's the Smartest Geek of 2004?
Take our special year-end quiz. We'll select the top three favorite
responses. Each of the three winners will receive a $100 Amazon gift

d) Call for Entries: 2005 Predictions
Help us ring in the New Year with your most likely and unlikely
networking predictions for 2005. Tell us what will most certainly take
place in IT in 2005 as well as what you'd like to see happen if you had
your druthers. We'll post our favorite responses online.


4) Editors' Picks

a) Blogs, Wikis and Photoblogs Testify to Tsunami Disaster
Bloggers, wiki authors and other Internet users are responding to the
tsunamis in South East Asia. Many bloggers caught at the scene are
posting eyewitness reports, including pictures.

b) Symantec's Symantec Enterprise Architecture
Regardless of whether you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty 
Symantec's future promises to be challenging. Arguably, the company's
antivirus business amounts to a license to print money, which Symantec
exercised to the tune of $1.8 billion in 2004.

c) Playbook: Intelligent Application Integration
Companies and vendors are searching for ways to leverage enterprise
data. The processes and strategies they develop will affect business
strategies for years to come. To make sure enterprise IT managers have
access to this critical information, CMP Media has put together this
Intelligent Application Integration playbook.

d) Linux 2.6.10 Kernel Hits The Street
Creator and open-source maven Linus Torvalds recently released the
newest version of the current Linux kernel.

e) Featured White Paper: Best Practices for Securing Your Enterprise
Read this GeoTrust white paper for a review of the Top 10 best 
practices in the
areas of physical security, data security and network security for your 
You'll learn tips on everything from running SSL on servers to 
supplying client
side SSL certificates to employees, to establishing solid policies and 
for security and embracing paperless transactions.

See all new white papers, Webcasts, case studies and product 
information in the
Network Computing Tech Library.


5) Download Mania: Select Files From IT Pro Downloads

a) mNotes (Windows Mobile)
mNotes lets you wirelessly push Lotus Notes mail and data to your
smartphone or PDA. It supports both cradle and wireless connections
(GPRS, CDMA, GSM, 802.11x, infrared, etc.) and is compatible with all
the latest Windows Mobile devices, including SPV c500 (iMate SP3) and 
6315 (6340). Plus, mNotes is scalable from personal use to full
corporate deployments with device management and AES over-the-air or
on-device security.

Download at:
Size: 18,200k
Platform: Windows
Licensing: Freeware

b) Windows System Optimizer 2.0
Windows System Optimizer speeds up your system, giving you maximum
performance. It includes cleanup tools and gives you complete control
over Windows startup programs as well as uninstalls unused 
dead shortcuts and empty files.

Download at:
Size: 1,931k
Platform: Windows
Licensing: Shareware

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.


6) Eye on Security

a) Alertcon: Oracle Vulnerabilities
Publicly released vulnerabilities pertaining to Oracle Security Alert
#68, are now available. We consider three of these vulnerabilities to 
substantive for posing risk to database environments if left unpatched.

b) Security Threat Watch: phpBB worm
An Internet worm has been exploiting a CGI vulnerability in the phpBB
suite. We believe this worm is a good indicator of how "lesser"
vulnerabilities in non-standard software can still be exploited in
large-scale automated fashion. With the help of Google and other search
engines, and the concept of pre-indexing vulnerable servers ahead of
time, an automated threat can locate vulnerable targets with minimal
effort. More information on the phpBB worm is available at:

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free Security
Threat Watch newsletter.


7) Coming Events

a) Enterprise Mobility: Strategies for Developing a Wireless Workforce
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
11:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM EST
Wireless devices and the local-area networks that support them are
potential weak spots in enterprise security infrastructures. And with
the increasing functional density of wireless devices, the risks have
increased. But with new applications and the hopes of achieving 
benefits of a mobile workforce--increased productivity, enhanced
connectivity--many companies are doling out network access without a 
plan in place. Join us and learn some of the security steps, including
monitoring, authentication, deployment policies and their enforcement,
that you can take to preempt problems with wireless access.

b) Enterprise Infrastructure: Dealing with the Dynamics
Thursday, January 13, 2005
9:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM CST / 12:00 Noon EST
The process of standardizing enterprise computing infrastructure has 
potential of bringing substantial benefits to businesses and
organizations of all sizes. Depending on the approach chosen,
organizations can reap important cost-saving benefits such as matching
computing resources more closely to changing enterprise requirements,
simplifying and centralizing management, and optimizing resource
utilization rates.


Join InformationWeek for a FREE, on-demand TechWebCast on
Enterprise Mobility: Strategies for Developing a Wireless
Workforce. We'll discuss how to deliver ROI using metrics
beyond cost considerations; security and support of
enterprise mobility; scaling a wireless enterprise strategy.
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