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Subject: New office suite for Linux (buy one get one free)
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:43:43 +0900
Dear Linuxer,

Download and try new spread sheet program for Linux

Here is one of HancomOffice 2.0 for Linux to experience some features of new office suite.  Feel free to download  HancomSheet 2.0 ( for free of charge.  Please try it for your interest.  If you get any trouble to download it from this site, visit the following at   


Buy HancomOffice 1.5 now and get Free Upgrade to HancomOffice 2.0 in Nov.

Now, HancomOffice 1.5 edition is available on our web site.  Please visit to see any detail information about HancomOffice 1.5.  If you will get HancomOffice 1.5 now in this limited time, then you will be free upgraded to HancomOffice 2.0 in November. 

I hope you will enjoy our product, HancomOffice.


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Thank you so much and we serve you the best.

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