Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:03:23 -0800
From:"Alen Majer" <>
Subject: re: Margin changes
To:"Mikie Swier" <>
Hi Mikie,

did you received an email about margin changes last week? In case you 
didn't, I am sending it again.
Let me know if there is any question about Nitix Server OS or partner 
program. Next step would be to sign the Partnership Agreement.

Best regards,

Alen Majer
Authorization Manager
Net Integration Technologies
866-384-8324 x273
Date: December 8th 2004
From: Dan Wensley - VP Channel Development

Good Afternoon, 

Effective January 1st 2005, Net Integration, is revising its Approved 
Partner Program.  Approved Partners who become NITIX resellers in 2005 
will receive 15% discounts off NITIX Products MSRP and no (0%) MDF (down 
from 20% margin and 4% MDF).  

However, this change does not take effect until January 1st 2005, 
making the next few weeks the last opportunity for new partners to NOT be 
effected by these changes.  Net Integration is honoring all existing 
discount structures for its 2004 Partners through all of 2005.  

Net Integration and our 1700 plus Reselling Partners have enjoyed 
considerable growth in  2004. Doubling both our number of approved partners 
as well as sales, while again being recognized by the industry 
receiving a number of new awards for both our Products and our exclusive 
commitment to the channel.

In 2004, Net Integration also successfully unbundled our Linux-based 
operating system making it available to run on third party hardware, 
including, IBM, HP, DELL and SUN, as well as providing the ability for 
white box builders to offer NITIX.  Since the launch of stand-alone NITIX 
in Q2 of 2004 the NITIX OS now represents over 50% of our sales.

In 2005 Net Integration will be adding a number of enhancements to our 
NITIX OS including; new anti-SPAM technologies, enhanced Autonomic 
computing routines to allow our technology to break into MUCH larger 
environments including the ability for multi server deployments. 

As you can see Net Integration and NITIX not only continues to provided 
the best Linux based operating system for the SMB market, but also true 
to our commitment to the channel, remains one of the best and most 
successful new vendor adoption opportunities for resellers servicing this 

For the remainder of 2004 Net Integration is offering ALL new Partners 
the ability to remain at the 20% and 4% MDF plan for 2005, with the 
added benefit of our lowest price for Partnership ever which will also be 
going up in 2005 to over 3X this price.

Become an Approved NITIX reselling Partner by December 31st 2004 for 

$478 which includes all certification fees, and a copy of NITIX. 
($1,499 MSRP)
(On January 1st 2005 this entry Partnership price will be $1,600)

I encourage you to take another look at Net Integration and NITIX to 
add to your service offering in 2005, while taking advantage of this 

If you have any questions or wish to further investigate if NITIX is a 
good fit for your business please do not hesitate to contact one of our 
Authorization Managers;

Alen Majer
866-384-8324 x273

I wish you and your organization the very best and continued success in 

Best Regards and thank you for your time,

Dan Wensley
Vice President, Channel Development
Net Integration Technologies Inc.