From:"Novell Linux Users International" <>
Subject: Novell Linux Users International Newsletter: April 2005
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:41:22 -0600 Linux Users International

Introducing Novell Linux Users International

As a recipient of the recent Novell Customer Communities Linux Technical Resource Kit, you indicated that you would like to stay informed about Novell Linux offers and promotions from the Novell Customer Communities. In an effort to provide you current information about Novell Linux offerings, we are pleased to introduce you to the Novell Linux Users International (LUI) customer community. As part of your involvement with the LUI customer community, you will receive a monthly message containing news, technical tips, promotions and exclusive offers.

LUI exists to help Linux professionals access the technical, career, and training tools and resources needed to succeed with Novell Linux and partner solutions. For more information on LUI, please visit


special features

Novell Market Start Program
Novell Market Start leverages Novell's PartnerNet and Yes certification programs to offer open source ISVs access to critical technical information and resources necessary to develop their applications for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server. Novell has teamed with IBM to utilize their porting centers to help partners who are developing or porting applications to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server.

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3
SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 contains over 3,000 open source packages - including a complete set of desktop applications, convenient installation media, and comprehensive documentation and installation support. More advanced users will find tools for setting up a secure home network, running a Web server, developing applications, and creating a virtualized environment. In addition, SUSE LINUX Professional delivers several important new technology previews to the open source community, including Xen technology for virtualization, Beagle desktop search and Linphone for voice over IP. SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 continues Novell's tradition of delivering the leading open source technologies on the market to end users in a manageable, cost effective manner.

Novell Linux Small Business Suite Now Available
Novell Linux Small Business Suite is a reliable, secure, suite of products that allows small businesses to capitalize on the value of Linux including cost savings, flexibility and manageability. It is the only end-to-end, server-to-desktop, Linux solution specifically designed for small businesses - with support for up to 100 users.

ZENworks Linux Management Sneak Peek
The recently introduced Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management provides imaging, configuration lockdown, remote management, inventory and software management for SUSE LINUX and Red Hat. ZENworks 7 Linux Management uses policy-driven automation to centrally deploy, manage and maintain Linux resources no matter where they reside in the network.

Novell Launches Open Source Collaboration Server Initiative - Hula
Novell has announced the formation of Hula, a new community project to create an open source collaboration server. The server will provide innovative calendar and mail functionality, filling a major void among open source offerings. Hula will be based on code taken from Novell's NetMail collaboration server product.

Novell Open Enterprise Server Evaluation
Open Enterprise Server makes it possible to install Novell's advanced networking services on either NetWare or SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9. Access an evaluation copy of this software here.

Web Seminar: Delivering High Performance Web Services with Jboss and Novell (28 April 2005, 1:00 pm EDT)
With the JBoss Application Server and SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server from Novell, you can run your applications on the leading Java-based application server and the most reliable Linux platform. Watch this Web Seminar to see how Jboss and Novell work together to deliver fully supported application servers for your enterprise.

industry articles

Novell Builds up Linux Muscle - InfoWorld
“We are outpacing Microsoft on the desktop. The Linux desktop has been in development for less time than Windows, and we are already surpassing them,” said Nat Friedman, vice president of desktop and collaboration engineering at Novell.

Commentary: Novell Walking the Walk of a True Linux Company - NewsForge
The bottom line for me is that Novell is a brand new kind of Linux company. And when I say Linux company, I mean that from top to bottom they are committed to Linux. It's more than marketing talk. Novell is walking the walk. Novell has strengths, resources, and a global channel presence that simply doesn't exist in any other Linux distribution. It is not standing outside gazing longingly into the enterprise; it is standing in the center of enterprise and bringing Linux into it.

Novell's Next Linux Server, Desktop In The Pipeline - Information Week
SLES 10, which is expected to move into beta testing in August and ship in early 2006, will incorporate commercially supported Xen virtualization, consolidated software management, a Common Information Model (CIM) systems management API and flexible add-on capabilities to allow ISVs and service partners to hook in products and services, Novell product managers said during a BrainShare briefing on Tuesday.

technical tips

Beginner's Guide to Using Novell SUSE LINUX's Build.rpm Utility
There are many "How-to's" and tutorials describing how to create RPMs. However, creating RPMs in a clean build environment and in a consistent reproducible way, requires more effort than should be necessary. Novell SUSE LINUX provides a utility called build.rpm that streamlines the RPM creation process and ensures configuration and system uniformity. It does this in an isolated chroot environment containing only the required packages necessary to create your RPM. This tutorial describes how to use the build.rpm utility to easily create RPMs for Novell SUSE LINUX.

Deploying Open Enterprise Server
Wondering how to deploy Open Enterprise Server in your environment? If you are migrating, upgrading, or starting from scratch, here's a handy site to all the information you'll need.

Novell Open Enterprise Server Migration Guide
This guide will help you determine where to start with Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES). The guide outlines the processes for moving key Open Enterprise Server networking services from NetWare to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 and for deploying them in your organization for the first time.

customer success

Völcker Informatik AG
Völcker Informatik AG is a software and services company headquartered in Berlin. Völcker built its business providing solutions for Microsoft systems, using C++, Visual Basic and .NET to create its ActiveEntry software for provisioning and automated IT management. In recent years, many of Völcker customers, particularly those in the German government, began migrating to Linux. The City of Munich, a longtime client and third largest city in Germany, migrated its servers to Linux and needed Völcker to convert its ActiveEntry software to Linux. To enter the Linux market, Völcker began searching for the right development platform to efficiently port its existing applications to Linux. The company selected Mono for its rich set of tools and APIs to create software for both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.