From:"Novell Linux Users International" <>
Subject: Novell Linux Users International Newsletter: May 2005
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 15:23:22 -0600 Linux Users International

Novell Acquires Immunix, Delivers Industry's Best Application Security for Linux

Novell recently acquired Immunix, Inc., a leading provider of host-based application security solutions for Linux. Immunix is the creator of AppArmor, the most effective and easy-to-use Linux application security system available today. The new product, to be called Novell AppArmor powered by Immunix, protects both the Linux operating system and applications from external or internal attacks, viruses, and malicious applications.

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special features

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3
SUSE LINUX Professional is Novell's Linux operating system for the Linux enthusiast - including the latest packages available for the Linux platform. Support for SUSE LINUX Professional is limited to online installation support, so this product is better suited for a test environment rather than a corporate production environment. Upgrade from this product to the Novell Linux Desktop - which is fully supported and positioned for corporate production use.

Novell Linux Point of Service 9
This product, the only Linux offering specifically designed for the retail industry, provides security, flexibility and reliability for retail point of service (POS) solutions. Wincor Nixdorf, a leading retail solution vendor, will integrate Novell Linux Point of Service 9 into its POS solutions for deployment to retailers worldwide.

HP and Intel Developer Workshops
Don't sit this year out and miss the unique opportunity to complete your 64-bit port. All courses are hands-on. After three days of interactive lectures and proctored hands-on labs you head back to your business with your Itanium-based application porting efforts well underway, as well as an HP Integrity rx 1620 server featuring the Intel Itanium 2-based processor on its way to you. Register by calling 1-888-645-7755 or online at
- July 12th in Washington, DC
- August 23nd in San Diego, CA
- October 18th in Houston, TX

Register for the Open Enterprise Server Web Series
Are you interested in Novell Open Enterprise Server, but not quite sure how it fits into your existing IT environment? Then participate in this webinar series to get the details behind OES. By attending all four sessions, you'll receive a complete practical overview of how the powerful combination of NetWare and Linux will enable you to better align your IT with your business. Youíll also learn how to implement and manage both SUSE LINUX and Novell Open Enterprise Server.
> The Best of NetWare and the Best of Linux (June 14 - 1:00-2:00 pm EDT)
> Seamlessly Add Linux to Your Environment (July 14 - 1:00-2:00 pm EDT)
> Manage Your Mixed Environment (August 11 - 1:00-2:00 pm EDT)

Identity Driven Computing Web Seminar Series
Technical, physical, and political boundaries can make it difficult to form productive relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. So how can you overcome these boundaries and deliver the access these relationships demand - without compromising the security of your business? Attend this seminar to learn how identity-driven federation solutions from Novell can help you safely extend services and resources outside your organization, and make your business more open, secure and global.
> Removing Boundaries with Identity-Driven Federation (19 May 2005)
> Increasing Security and Agility with Identity-Driven Virtualization and Policy Management (16 Jun 2005)

Gartner Report: Choosing an Enterprise Linux Strategy
In the recent past, the choice of a Linux distributor for large, North
American companies was a simple one: Only Red Hat had the supported software portfolio, channels and support infrastructure to meet their requirements. However, the acquisition of SUSE Linux by Novell in January 2004 introduced a new, strong player into the enterprise Linux market - and a new variable into user Linux procurement contracts. Read the full Gartner report.

Novell and Leading Chinese Linux Firm CS2C to Expand Linux in China
Novell has signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with China Standard Software Co., Ltd. (CS2C), the leading Linux firm in China, to promote the development and adoption of Linux in China. Under the agreement, Novell and CS2C will cooperate to provide technology, services and marketing to optimize and promote Linux to the Chinese market.

All Linux Distributions are Not Created Equal - White Papers from IDC Research and AMR
Download two independent analyst white papers about the importance of support when selecting a Linux vendor, "Enterprise Linux: It's All About Support" from IDC Research and "Linux: Here to Stay and Not Just About Cost" from AMR Research.

You Qualify to Receive Novell Connection Magazine!
Novell Connection magazine provides IT professionals with information to make work life just a little easier. Novell would like to offer you a complimentary subscription to Novell Connection magazine (North America only. All others pay shipping). It's simply the best way to stay up to date on the latest Novell products and solutions - including Linux. This bi-monthly publication includes in-depth technical articles, case studies, technical support information and general information to help you work more efficiently and add to your company's bottom line.

industry articles

Windows vs Linux: a Modern Desktop Comparison - Open Source Versus
28 April 2005: We've put together a series of Windows XP, SUSE 9.3 and Ubuntu 5.04 desktop screen shots as a side-by-side comparison of some of the common desktop features available in the modern operating system desktop. Windows users need not fear making the switch to Linux in this day and age, with the mature desktop environments currently available. There are features available in Windows that are not present in the KDE and GNOME environments, and visa-versa, but the most common features used in Windows are present in Linux.

Novell's One-Two Punch - Network World Fusion
25 April 2005: With $1.7 billion in cash and ranking among the top 25 most profitable companies on the NW200, Novell has more than a fighting chance with its Linux-plus-management strategy.

U.S. Government Agencies Turn to Linux - New Kerala
7 April 2005: Linux has crawled out of university basements to become a major player in today's computing world. --New Kerala

technical tips

Open Enterprise Server: Activation Quick Start Guide
This quick start guide is designed to give you an easy reference to the Open Enterprise Server activation. It describes how to download and register the Open Enterprise Server licenses, download your certificate, add users to your company's account, and obtain product updates.

Recognizing SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9
"Corporate Linux server buyers who may think that Red Hat is the only game in town for broad application support may want to think about investigating in Novell's SuSE, as several vendors announced enterprise products that run on the platform this week." - Phil Hochmuth, NetworkWorldFusion

HowTo: Create a GUI Interface to the Shell
This is a simple RunRev/shell application for newbies that gives them a familiar window where they can use a point and click interface to construct a shell command line. It lets the newbie lookup shell commands by entering a key word, view the synopsis, and optionally view the info manual. Buttons and input windows are used to enter the required elements of a command line.

customer success

Oregon Department of Transportation
ODOT needed a reliable system to protect the confidential driver information of all its citizens, without straining its IT budget. Using open source tools and C-code, the department rewrote the communication component of the driverís license management system in about 80 hours. ODOT selected SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server to replace Red Hat and run the application on its IBM z800 mainframe server. SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server protects license numbers, addresses and dates of birth. Tight security helps ODOT comply with strict Privacy Act requirements.