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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

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Here's what's cooking on NWC Online this week!

1)  YackITyYack
         - Your Favorite 404 Errors
         - Special TechQuiz: Web Site Management
         - TechQuiz: Wi-Fi Networking
         - Top 11 List
         - Survey: Operational Business Intelligence
         - The Daily Blog: Can Google Stay on Top?
         - Ask the Experts: Multiple VPNs
2)  Coming Events
         - Patch Madness Webinar
         - 2004 JavaOne Conference
3)  Editors' Picks
         - Alternative Offshoring
         - BEA Defines "Liquid" Developer Strategy
         - MS to Merge Caller ID With AntiSpam Scheme
         - Which BPM Strategy Is Right For You?
         - White Paper: Learn How to Use Data to Manage Your Web Site
4)  Download Mania
         - AeroTags Search Expert 1.20
         - Advanced Privacy Protector 1.00
5)  Eye on Security
         - Alertcon: F-Secure
         - Security Threat Watch: Cross-Site Scripting
6)  Dare to Compare
         - Compare IT: Core Switches
7)  Subscription Information

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1) YackITyYack

a) Your Favorite 404 Errors
We'd like your help to create a new 404 error page for the Network
Computing site. While we could write something plain and simple like
"we're sorry, but we couldn't find your file," we'd prefer something
with a little more pizzazz. Send us your suggestions for a more
interesting 404 tagline, and we'll use it on our page -- at least until
someone tells us we have to take it down.

b) Special TechQuiz: Web Site Management
It's the last chance to take Phase Three of our quiz triumvirate. This
final test is on Web site management. If you think you know how to run 
Web site, be sure to test your mettle. If you get all the answers 
your name will go into the running for a free copy of MarketingSherpa's
"Buyer's Guide to Web Analytics" (a $200 value). Good luck!

c) TechQuiz: Wi-Fi Networking
You've still got time to test your knowledge of the 802.11 standard. If
you can outsmart our editors and get all the answers to our latest quiz
correct, we'll throw your name into the hat for a free NWC mug and/or
subscription to NewsGator's Online Services.

d) Top 11 List
This week, we're looking for the "Top 11 things that SpongeBob
SquarePants can teach us about working in IT." Enlighten us in a very
underwater kind of way, and we'll publish your entry in print and
online. Here are some ideas to help you get started.
--Oxygen is optional.
--It could be worse, you could be tossing fries in an underwater greasy
Thanks to NWC Reader Erik Dauplaise for submitting this idea.

e) Survey: Operational Business Intelligence
Intelligent Enterprise and Ventana Research have partnered to conduct a
research study on Operational Business Intelligence. Take our survey 
you'll receive a free copy of the study as well as a chance to win one
of five $25 gift certificates.

f) The Daily Blog: Can Google Stay on Top?
Right now, Google is the search engine market leader. But so was Yahoo
-- once. According to a recent study, however, the difference between
Google and other search engines is shrinking. Its rivals now are only a
couple of percentage points behind in search results.

Read more entries from The Daily Blog.

g) Ask the Experts: Multiple VPNs
I need to support multiple clients using two different VPNs. One is a
Nortel Contivity and the other is Check Point SecuRemote. The OS is
Windows 2000 Pro. I can't get them to cohabitate, although SecuRemote
will run while Contivity is installed (as long as the correct
ENTRUST.INI is in place). Contivity requires that SecuRemote be
uninstalled before it will function. When I attempt database access 
either VPN (one using ODBC, the other using SQL Server 2000 [MMC]), the
hard drive on my client thrashes like mad, for two to 15 minutes! Any
help would be appreciated.

Check out our other Forums.

2) Coming Events

a) Patch Madness Webinar
Are you overly familiar with the 'patch and pray' model of mitigation?
We all know that the timelines between vulnerability releases and worm
outbreaks are shrinking. The question becomes: What do we do about it?

Please join our next NeoCast, on Thursday, June 17 at 12 PM ET, as we
discuss our observations on the patch management space and explore how
several organizations are dealing with the patching nightmare. Answer a
few questions below, and we'll contact you with instructions on how to
attend this NeoCast.

b) 2004 JavaOne Conference
Learn from the experts at Sun's 2004 Worldwide Java Developer 
from June 28 to July 1 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Register
by June 27 and save up to $100. Use Priority Code NWJIYKND. For more
information or to register.

3) Editors' Picks

a) Alternative Offshoring
Outsourcing isn't the only way to go. Learn the pros and cons of owning
your own offshore operations through captive or build-operate-transfer
business models. Check out the June issue of Managing Offshore
(subscription required -- sample issue available).

b) BEA Defines "Liquid" Developer Strategy
BEA's new development vision aims to improve the flow of information
through enterprise IT systems.

c) MS to Merge Caller ID With AntiSpam Scheme
Microsoft agrees to blend its Caller ID for E-mail with antispam
proposal SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

d) Which BPM Strategy Is Right For You?
Process management apps have many names, costs and functional
parameters. Which is the best bet for your business?

e) White Paper: Learn How to Use Data to Manage Your Web Site
Learn how marketing professionals are using Web analytics to
revolutionize their discipline in this WebTrends white paper. It
includes 25 short stories that demonstrate how to make smarter 
and take decisive actions toward improving the performance of your Web

See all new white papers, Webcasts, case studies and product 
in the Network Computing Tech Library.

4) Download Mania

Select files from IT Pro Downloads.

a) AeroTags Search Expert 1.20
Make your Web site more usable by creating a unique search tool based 
JavaScript. You don't need any server-side scripts to use AeroTags, and
the program can index HTML, PHP, ASP, RTF and text files.

Download at:
Size: 552k
Platform: Windows 95 or 98
Licensing: Shareware; $59.85

b) Advanced Privacy Protector 1.00
Advanced Privacy Protector is a tool to maintain your personal privacy.
It cleans Windows, history, Internet-related, Explorer and Start Menu,
files and folder traces.

Download at:
Size: 717k
Platform: Windows 2000
Licensing: Shareware; $21

Note: By using IT Pro Downloads you agree to these terms of use.

5) Eye on Security

a) Alertcon: F-Secure
F-Secure Anti-Virus is an antivirus program for Microsoft Windows- as
well as Linux-based operating systems. F-Secure Anti-Virus versions 
and 5.42 for Workstations and Servers and F-Secure Anti-Virus Client
Security versions 5.50 and 5.52 could allow a remote attacker to bypass
Sober.D and Sober.G virus detection when the viruses are embedded in a
PKZip archive.

For more information.

b) Security Threat Watch: Cross-Site Scripting
A lot of folks do not consider cross-site scripting a severe
vulnerability. The fact of the matter is that it really depends on the
nature of the application and the susceptibility of the users. With the
number of "phishing" and identity theft scams circulating these days,
it's only a matter of time before cross-site scripting bugs are
leveraged in a manner that tricks users into exposing sensitive

Cross-site scripting bugs may not be of high severity, but that is 
no reason for corporations to ignore them.

For more security alerts and information, sign up for our free Security
Threat Watch newsletter.

6) Dare to Compare

Compare IT: Core Switches
Core switches can help improve the performance of the backbone and
gateway levels of your network's infrastructure. Research and get 
from Cisco, Enterasys, Extreme and Nortel.

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RFID: Key Lessons from the Field.  We’ll provide a practical
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trials to technology and TCO- including lessons from
pioneering implementations.  Register now:
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