From:"Open magazine" <> 
Subject: High C-manship Redux: Server I/O
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 00:56:20 -0500

We knew last week that once wouldn't be enough when we turned out our 
vol. 15 labs focus on Intel's C++ compiler. That, after all, was a test 
of code on a corporate laptop system, inviting the inevitability of 
Round Two: What about the server side? This time, we practice higher 
Cmanship and set our benchmarks sailing on a Tualatin-powered HP Netserver. 
And so you have it, another volley of interesting discoveries 
documented in this week's OpenBench Labs' High Cmanship Redux. Meanwhile, for 
those of you wondering if dodgy data mining applications will ever be 
reliable, read our story on the algorithm experts taming these beasties. 
For those of you who doubt there's anything intriguing about disk 
drives, check out our OpenBench Labs report on Hitachi's new line for 

Click to download this week's 
e-Open. And don't forget to send a copy to your friends mired in proprietary 
systems. If you are running IE 6.0 and can no longer download a PDF 
file click and follow the 

Coming in future issues: performance tests of journaling file systems, 
trademark disputes under expert views; the agenda of strategists behind 
NetBSD; and a new chapter in government's use of Open Source. 

The editors of Open magazine


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