From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: Microsoft's dire straits
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 22:46:01 EST

Just as rap bubbles up from the city streets to Madison Avenue, 
IT humor bubbles over to Open's edit tank. This week we ponder an IT
sobriquet that has become a real social complaint: Having a Salmon Day.
Is the sudden popularity of this quip poetic justice for dopes who
bought into dreams of the yellow brick Superhighway? Or does Digital
Europe's focus on finding synergies between the digital economy and
sustainable development point to the real future? 

No less focused on software chokeholds, Franco Vitaliano looks at
Lindows and backgrounds the battle. Studying the rules of the game in
Monopoly and those at Microsoft, he concludes that neither will teach
much in Capitalism 101.

Back on the Open Source frontlines, view an anatomy of a startup
business with roots in Open Source and paying the rent with e-mail
tools, in our profile of PLD Software.

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TOC. For readers who still lean toward print, you're soon to get full
text and graphics made available in PDF format, for those who just have
to take it with them. And don't forget to send a copy to your friends
mired in proprietary systems.


The editors of Open magazine


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