EXCLUSIVE READING FOR OPEN MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBERS This week, Open magazine bears the grave news that King Content, ruler of the Internet, is dead. The new seat of power rests firmly on those who will control the digital Personal Identity Information. Our lead story, "Dante's Passport," examines Microsoft's eager offer to resolve everyone's identity problem as a potential passport to purgatory. Happier outlooks are in evidence with "The Many Faces of MySQL," a report on how MySQL AB is gaining traction with enterprise buyers and embedded partners. "Telecoms Give Kiosks a Whirl" covers a sales-driven telecom world, where a cellular retailer's rollout of feature-rich kiosks hinges on Linux. As your Subscriber Express Pass to our web, just click http://www.open-mag.com/6022000000.htm to go straight to the subscriber home page and story links. And don't forget to send a copy to your friends mired in proprietary systems. Regards, The editors of Open magazine