From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: GPL Unscathed in Court Test
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 11:31:02 EDT

Fear and trembling are frequent side effects that come from business
transactions whether we're buying a casino in an unstable country or
betting a software business on an untested legal model. All the same,
any business manager showing fear and trembling over the legal
worthiness of the GNU General Public License (GPL) should read this
week's interview with His Feistiness, Marten Mickos, boss of MySQL AB.
With help from the Free Software Foundation, he emerged from the GPL's
day in court with his rights intact and positively affirmative over the
trustworthiness of this much-discussed license. 

As promised, we continue coverage of those who have solutions for our
global digital identity crisis. This week brings a technology overview
of PingID written by a business CTO eagerly following and championing
the project's development. 

Before parting, we leave the lights on for an IBM strategist to explain
the work and goals of two important Linux laboratories for the telecom
industry, the OSDL and the LSPL.

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