From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: Can HPaq fly with IBM and Sun?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 03:01:02 EDT
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Key Linux vendors, IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, and Sun, are in new tactical
focus at D.H. Brown. We talk to the study's author, Pierre Fricke, who
ponders HP and its Linux vending future, including the time when HP and
Compaq pool strengths for Linux market penetration.

Turning away from Linux, the FUD-mongers warning everyone from business
executives to government leaders how they will unleash doom rife with
economic chaos, collapsing bridges, and starving river otters should
they turn to Open Source truly meet their match. Everyone's
talking about how the myth of the Open Source Apocalypse has finally
been debunked in the form of a Peruvian congressman's letter to
Microsoft, which has fired web site postings across the globe. Rather
than just talk around it, we decided to reconstruct the heroic letter 
a proprietary vs. Open Source point/counterpoint format to reveal its
significance as an exquisitely precise vivisection of Microsoft's
anti-Open Source propagandists.

Next, we find a person who can speak NT, UNIX, and Linux software
application dialects fluently. He is Jon Power, CEO of Sector7, which
helps corporations achieve application migration. Read his advice to 
Linux fear-lorn. 

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